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Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting - October 20, 2016

Held at the Milwaukee Makerspace craft lab


  • Keith
  • Kayla
  • Dan
  • DL
  • Carl
  • Harvey
  • Tom
  • none
  • Karen
  • John
  • Tony
  • Steve
  • Andy
  • Akai
  • Kathy


Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Keith

Review and approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

The meeting minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Reports of Boards and Standing Committees

Treasurer's Report

  • Current member count: 259
  • On Hand: $73,806.97
  • Current Committed to Area Funding: $6,201.90

Space Equipment Inventory

  • Previous status
    • Inventories from areas coming in, DL has been working with the procedure - will have done by end of year
    • Intends to involve area champions

New Equipment/Donations

  • New donations from previous Kuka owner
  • Crowd source members for selling Kuka
    • Previous status
      • Stainless steel rollers still in East Room, Adrian needs to get pictures and put on Craig's List
  • Joiner
    • Harvey following up on this
    • Update 10/20/16 donated items are at MMS and are being evaluated

Building Maintenance/Issues

  • Dumpster Pad needs repair
    • Last status
      • Quotes received from two companies to repave the lot. Board selected the Poblocki Paving concrete quote as being more durable and requiring less maintenance ($27,000)
      • The board would like to target repaving the lot next year
      • This has been added to the member survey
  • Rik notified us that one of the building exterior grounds has come loose - email forwarded to Tom Gralewicz
  • Karen Pauli pointed out to Lance that there is a leak in the ceiling of the craft lab, near the vinyl cutter
  • Tom was seen fixing exit sign in the meeting room at last space improvement day.

Reports of Special (Select) Committees

Space Projects Update

4x8 CNC Plasma Cutter

  • Previous status
    • The board discussed that the project has gone on for a very long time, and the tolerance for additional extensions is thin. All members of the board present voted unanimously to require completion of the CNC plasma cutter by November 17. If the plasma cutter is not complete, and two members trained to use it, it must be removed by the end of November.
    • Steve Pilon was present and had no concerns about the cutter being completed within the allocated time.


  • The board is in agreement that the Kuka is not serving wide enough use and intends to crowd source to the membership for contacts to then sell/remove from property.
  • Previous status
    • Jake is paying $10/month for the space.
    • When the Kuka returns from Makerfaire it will be sold or disposed of
  • Jake sent an email requesting that we hold on to it as a space tool.
  • No longer renting floor space
  • Kuka is back from Maker Faire

Wood shop dust collection

  • Previous status
    • “Green” dust collector online
  • No new updates - Brant is taking steps to move forward

Unfinished Business

Property tax exemption

  • BoD will continue to nag Tom (per Tom)
  • Previous Status
    • Our lawyer (Stephanie) has agreed to help us, but we have missed the window for this year. Tom and Stephanie will work on this later in the year for next year.
    • Keep on agenda and nag Tom in December (per Tom)

Utility rates

  • Previous Status
    • Ongoing sales tax exemption secured
    • Rick B. volunteered to file a request to get past sales tax back from State of WI

New camera system

  • Kathy thought up the idea of placing small monitor by one entrance so members can see who is outside and better determine who we are allowing in the the building.
  • Previous Status
    • All wiring runs pulled, need termination and cameras installed
    • Board will look at a retention period after the camera system comes fully on line
  • Inter-meeting update
    • two new cameras on line, on the South wall of the East room

Willy's Boat

  • Willy continues to to be seen working on the project. Project continues to live.
  • Previous status
  • The board will continue to request updates and monitor the progress
  • Project continues to be live

Member Survey

  • Survey is under review and membership should see release of survey soon.
  • Previous status
    • Carl volunteered to take this on, and sync up with Brant to get some input

Signs & Awnings Outside

  • Previous status
    • Tom has proposed some awnings
    • Tom and Carl to work on the application to the city including a drawing, Carl has photos and needs to do the drawings
    • Tom and Carl to add this to the member survey since the cost is close to $1000.
  • Inter-meeting
    • Mockups given to Tom Gr.
    • Tom requested revisions - DL volunteered to make them

Craft Lab II: Trade Craft!

  • Previous status
    • The board discussed possibly making a larger area comprised of some of the smaller current areas.
    • Board to look at this again in September/October
  • Project for next space improvement day

Long-term Budgeting

  • Previous Status
    • Adrian suggested we should be setting aside a budget for large building expenditures
    • Board discussed how to operationally do this, agreed we need to determine what costs to forecast
    • Adrian will work on this more after Maker Faire
    • Update 10/20/16 from Adrian , No update at this time

Maker Faire

  • Last Status
    • The board agreed to have a question on supporting Maker Faire 2017 on the annual survey
    • Brant has one Maker Space that has expressed interest in a stipend - Lance responded
  • No further action until next maker faire

Member Free Storage Space

  • Previous Status
    • DL expects to have all the space inventory wrapped up in the next few weeks
    • New pallet racks installed 8/28 - need plywood or other “floor”
    • Carl and Adrian to inquire with Lowes if they would give us the same discount they are providing for Maker Faire
  • Inter-meeting update
    • new shelves up and available for use

Vault Activity (or lack thereof)

  • Lance mentions that some vaults don't seem to have any activity, and there seems to be very low turnover. Perhaps we should find a way to inquire if they are being used.
  • Last Status
    • Almost all vaults reported as active, vaults 5, 8 and 9 have not reported in
    • Consulting key fob records, it was determined that the members renting these vaults are not frequent users of the space
    • Carl will draft an email that we can send to these members asking that they consider giving up their vaults
  • No futher action

Calendars / Class Signups / Events

  • Calendars are a challenge, only board members can update the GCal, the groups aren't well suited to signing up for classes, not everyone has access to update the Wiki (or the knowledge about how to do so)
  • Dan says the next version of Wild Apricot may very well have some help for us

Website redesign proposal

  • Last status
    • Carl to continue with his new design ideas and put up a parallel version next to our current site for further feedback.
  • No update

Internet Service Proposal

  • Pete Maher presented an internet proposal for Maker Faire at a previous meeting
  • Tony was present and had not update on this
  • Will not be brought up again until we hear back from Pete

Not-excellent Behavior

  • Jay Kewin came to the board in August with a report of an interaction with Jim Rawson, which made her very uncomfortable. She felt that Jim was harassing her
  • Jim has a history of friction with other members
  • Several board members have also had direct interactions with him that make this a credible report
  • Last Status
    • The board discussed whether this warranted a formal warning, or what other action we should take
    • Adrian will draft a letter to Jim and asking for a written response on his explanation of the encounter, with a date by which we require a response. The letter will be reviewed by the board prior to being sent.
  • Inter-meeting update
    • The board voted unanimously to formally warn Jim Rawson. Jim has been notified of the warning, and the membership notified.
  • No further action required

New Business

  • Move Space Improvement Day to November 6?
  • Adrian is requesting to be on Treasurer standing committee under BY-LAWS, ARTICLE 4 — Board Members, SECTION 8 — Authority, Item # 6.
    • Dan (Treasurer) supports this. Requesting explicit approval by BOD vote, above that required by the bylaws because he will be handling space funds.
  • The Donated items from Aurora healthcare
    • Do we want to acquire some steel carts for sale to members?
    • How should we handle the sale of donated items to members?
      • I propose we trust the first available BoD member to close a sale without waiting for the other 7 to confer? - Dan

Good of the Space

  • Space Improvement Day is poorly attended. I would like to find a way to encourage more people to attend. - Keith
  • Should we look into reconciling the members only list against wild apricot somehow, to keep members-only members only? - Keith
  • More, better training on areas - Keith



The meeting was adjourned at 9:07

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