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February 18, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present: Vishal R., Lance L., Dan J., Carl S., Tom Gr., Joe R., DL

Board Members Absent:

Meeting Started

  • Approve Mark Rehorst's request to modify the Solidoodle?
    • Vote (7) yes


Treasurer's Report

  • Joe moved $5,500 from Paypal to our Bank account
  • Cintas billed us (4) times this month. They did (3) carpet swaps and a bathroom cleaning.
  • Lance stated that he has received good feedback about the Cintas service.
  • The metal shop spent more that the allocated amount from Wild Apricot.
  • Dan said we can either refund the individual right away or pay as the allocation comes up
  • Vishal created a spreadsheet to account for available allocation funds
  • Lance doesn't like a negative account. He asked for discussion about how we should handle this in the future.
  • Tom doesn't want to punish active, involved members
  • Joe doesn't think we should have to educate everyone about the basics
  • Dan suggested that he will reimburse Bill and he will be reimbursed as the funds become available
  • Lance suggested that there is no board oversight over the amount available to each area.
  • Tom started the property tax exemption paperwork but we need a mission statement to complete it
  • The board discussed and agree upon the following mission statement:
    • “We are a community of makers focused on education through social interaction. Sharing resources and knowledge with each other”
  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
    • No update
  • Previous Action Item: Dan to review Paypal accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit - waiting on Paypal Customer Service
    • No feedback from Paypal- he'll stop pursuing it

Wild Apricot Transition:

  • Previous Action Item: Dan will add “CNC Area” and “Metal Finishing Area” to the list of allocatable categories for the month of February.
    • No update
    • The wild apricot export isn't working well with quickbooks
    • DL said that Scott S. knows quickbooks really well and she will work him to fix this.


Building Topics

  • New camera system - what is the status?
    • Scott needs a map
    • The board created a map of existing and proposed cameras

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • No update
  • Kuka
    • Previous action item: Joe will send a certified letter to the previous Kuka owner
      • No update
  • Large Format Printer
    • The printer hasn't been used at all for a while
    • Lance suggested that we announce that the printer is being removed and give members that chance to lobby for it staying
  • Vacuum Former
    • No one is using it
    • DL said that we should send a feeler for interest again
  • Engine Hoist
    • Since we have a forklift, we don't need it anymore.
  • Sandblaster
    • Do we need both?
    • Some people's arms don't fit in the new one
    • We want to keep the media separate
    • We need both according to Tom

New equipment/donations

  • We are getting new shelves donated this weekend for additional member stoage
  • We are getting new lighting system for scrap and cash class this weekend
  • DL will be bringing new brooms

Communications & Events

  • Should we make a new tri-fold for the 'space?
    • Carl got a template going
  • Space improvement day
    • Trash to cash will happen
    • Reorganization will happen by the large storage rack
  • New member orientation
    • Previous action item from DL, Lance, and Tom: Plan a new member orientation video
      • No updates. Will be left to the next board.

Any topics from members who are present

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