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January 21, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Note - this meeting was originally incorrectly listed for January 14th - sorry! - Lance

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present: Vishal R., Lance L., Dan J., Carl S., Tom Gr.

Board Members Absent: Joe R., DL

Meeting Started


Treasurer's Report

  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
  • Joe wasn't present at the meeting
  • Previous Action Item: Dan to review Paypal accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit - waiting on Paypal Customer Service
  • Dan mentioned that paypal@ email account wasn't redirecting correctly so we have missed communication back

Wild Apricot Transition:

  • Dan will add “CNC Area” and “Metal Finishing Area” to the list of allocatable categories for the month of February.


Building Topics

  • Wood Shop
    • It's been dirty regularly - members don't seem to care. What do we do about it?
      • Carl believes that since the woodshop is already dirty, people are less likely to clean up
      • Wolfgang suggested a formal commitment from a few members who clean up regularly
      • Lance agreed with Carl
      • Vishal thinks that woodshop is the easiest way to create dirt in the space
      • Wolfgang mentioned that people don't even seem to wipe up the glue residue that they leave on the table saw
      • Tom suggested a woodshop lifeguard - some one who spends a lot of time in the woodshop and reminds useds to clean their mess
      • Dan mentioned that metal shop champions requested filters for the shop vacs
      • Dan mentioned that shop vacs migrate between different areas so filters should be funded by the space
      • Dan will research new shop vac filters
      • Vote - Authorize up to $200 for shop vac filters (5) vote yes, (2) abstain
      • Tom suggested closing the woodshop for use till it is clean
      • Lance had a similar idea
      • Dan suggested having a FOB on the woodshop
      • Tom suggested that $500 for the FOB based solution is cheaper than a new dust collection system
      • Lance suggested discussing non-technical solution
      • Steve will price out a new system
    • Proposal to add Wolfgang as area champion
      • Vote - (5) Yes, (2) abstain
  • Finishing Area
    • Add Devin as Primary Area Champion
      • Vote - (5) Yes, (2) abstain
  • New camera system - what is the status?
    • No Update

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • No Updates. Joe is absent from the meeting.
  • Kuka
    • Previous action item: Joe will send a certified letter to the previous Kuka owner
      • No Updates. Joe is absent from the meeting.
      • Steve asked the Kuka could be moved from the CNC room. He will work on a plan to move it out.
  • Induction Furnace
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
    • RIP. It will be scraped
    • Dan asked he could expand into the 4 foot space that has been allocated for the induction furnace.

New equipment/donations

  • Mahogany - 5 Ft L x 34 In W by 1 ¼ In depth will be donated to the space
    • Vishal will coordinate the acquisition

Communications & Events

  • Should we make a new tri-fold for the 'space?
    • Previous Action Item- Carl will work on tri-fold
      • Carl has been spending his time on the tri-fold
    • Previous Action Item- Vishal will add a FAQ wordpress page
      • Done
  • Monthly newsletter?
    • Carl has imported all the emails into Mailchimp
  • Space improvement day
  • New member orientation
    • Previous action item from DL, Lance, and Tom: Plan a new member orientation video
      • Carl and Lance will be filming a 30 minute video
        • No update - they will reschedule

Any topics from members who are present

  • A member is concerned about spyware on new computers
  • Steve P. asked if the makerspace has mission statement
    • Dan read his M4 statement
    • Vishal read his
    • Carl with compile existing statements.
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