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December 17, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent: Joe R.

Meeting Started


Treasurer's Report

  • Joe emailed the report to the board
    • Utilities are lower the usual. $928 instead of approximately $1,300
    • Carl has questioned by a member how the donation box and allocation money is spend
    • Lance clarified that we don't monitor how the money goes in and out of the donation bin
    • We don't have a system for tracking this spending
    • Lance said that we need to start sharing how much money each area has from the allocation
    • Carl asked about IRS reporting for purchasing blades and whatnot
    • Dan and Tom said that we just need to report in broad categories
  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
    • No Update
  • Previous Action Item: Dan to review Paypal accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit - waiting on Paypal Customer Service
  • No Update

Wild Apricot Transition:

  • Change/re-define funding areas
    • Building Purchase → Building Fund
      • Lance asked if we were clear on what Building Fund means
      • Vishal thinks it is infrastructure funds
      • DL thinks it means O&M funds
      • Dan thinks the redefinition doesn't help reduce the voting frequency
      • Vishal asked if we can leave it unallocated
      • Dan said that we already have an excess for an O&M budget so we don't need to redefine it
      • DL thinks we can add a category for building maintenance
      • Tom said we already have a fund for building maintenance
      • DL said that some people suggested that we could have a category for cleaning or whatnot
      • Tom suggested sending an email to members for more categories
      • Lance suggested that maybe a fund for new carpet would be fine but not carpet O&M. O&M is necessary
      • Vishal suggested that we remind people every Tuesday
      • DL suggested that when we sign up new members, we should have them sign up
      • Vote- Change the default Wild Apricot allocation option from building purchase to building fund - (2) yes, (4) no, (1) abstain
    • CNC Area? How does this relate to the wood shop?
      • Steve, who is the champion of both areas, doesn't see the wood shop be the space as the CNC area. He likes them
      • Lance wants to get clarification on what the CNC area is (bridgeport. plasma cutter)
      • Tom think CNC area with confuse people. We might call it the CNC Router Area
      • Vote- (6)yes, (1)abstain
    • Do we add metal finishing as a category?
      • Dan thinks we can add it and let the funds accrue till we have an area champion
      • Lance suggest that we add call for area champions
      • Vote- (6)yes, (1)abstain
  • Funding area status? How do area champions know how much money they have available?

Building ownership/purchasing shares progress

  • Lawyer had ordered a title search
  • Won't be a problem closing by the end of the month
  • Tom asked if we would like to do a party.
  • Vote- Allocate $200 for a building purchase party on Jan 1st, 2016. (6) yes, (1) abstain


  • Matt N. extra storage space
    • He's off the floor
    • He doesn't use the CNC machine very much
    • DL said that she will talk to Matt

Building Topics

  • New camera system - what is the status?
    • Scott needs a diagram for wiring and current locations. He has the cameras in his living room.
  • Building purchase - status and closing.

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • No Updates. Joe is absent
  • Kuka
    • Previous action item: Joe will send a certified letter to the previous Kuka owner
      • No Updates
  • Induction Furnace
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • Need a new transformer.
  • Dust collection system
    • Tom may have a lead for ducting
    • DL said that there is a blower for grabs
    • Brant is making cyclone

New equipment/donations

  • Wolfgang is building a kick wheel potter's wheel

Communications & Events

  • Updated name of this section to add “communications”
  • Should we make a new tri-fold for the 'space?
    • Carl said he would do that but will it be an effective tool
    • Tom said that we can use it once a month
    • Carl questions if a tri-fold is the best way to communicate. Maybe a display is better
    • Vishal said that it should be easy to carry
    • Action Item- Carl will work on tri-fold
    • Action Item- Vishal will add a FAQ wordpress page
  • Monthly newsletter?
    • Carl will be using Mailchimp to develop the newsletter
    • The newsletter will be targeted towards members but other people can choose to receive it
  • Space improvement day
    • Not having an official one this month
  • New member orientation
    • Previous action item from DL, Lance, and Tom: Plan a new member orientation video
      • Carl and Lance will be filming a 30 minute video

Any topics from members who are present

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