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1. Meeting Start

  • Board Members Present -
  • Members Present - Tony, Matt N., Devin, Matt J.
  • The petition signed by members who support the board's decision was placed in the center of the board.

1.1. Review pertinent by-laws

  • Lance read “SECTION 4 — Termination of Membership” and “SECTION 5 — Suspension of Membership” from Milwaukee Makerspace Bylaws
  • Lance believes sections 4.7
  • Upon question, Dan clarified that

2. Suspension Discussion

  • Lnace stated that there is no sunset period on warning.
  • 1st warning was in May 12 2014 for Vandalism. Charles spray painted the welding table without asking area champion or
  • Charles has been a member since Feb 11, 2014
  • 2nd warning was on May 14 2015. There was a major argument that caused members to leave the building. Charles display aggressive behavior and email
  • 3rd warning on Nov 19, 2015 for moving member property without following proper procedures.
  • Matt J. asked for a clarification
  • Dan J. explained that a bent metal stand with a ticket on it was taken and placed in the lost and found warning.
  • Devin asked for clarification on the second warning.
  • Lance described that Charles has a disagreement, he followed them to the vault hallway, then they just left the building.
  • Carl asked more about more details about the second warning
  • Dan described more about hard drive,
  • Steve, one of the members who lodged a complaint, reaffirmed Dan's statement. Steve said that Charles kept escalation the situation. Steve mentioned that they walked back to the vault hallway and Charles followed them there and resumed screaming at them.
  • Tom mentioned that Charles has never apologized for his actions
  • Tony reaffirmed that Charles has never apologized to him
  • DL said Charles has apologized for
  • Matt J mentioned that Charles admitted his mistake
  • Lance mentioned that Charles did correct his actions after the 1st warning
  • Carl asked if he has apologized to the complainer with the 3rd warning.
  • Lance thinks he never admitted his fault
  • DL mentioned that we received an email that Kayla had started yelling at him first. Charles may have been frustrated by the time he had a conversation with Dan
  • Lance feels that he has been personally harassed by Charles. After the last meeting, Charles yelled and sweared at Lance for 20 minutes in the parking lot. Lance, consciously or otherwise, felt physically threatened by Charles. Lance feels like this was a repeat of the incident that caused the 2nd warning.
  • Chris stated that there were heated exchanges between Charles, Chris, Tom, and Joe when the Induction Furnace was brought in. Chris mentioned that he has done plenty for space - watch parts, cleaned bathroom, drills, and many other positive thing. Chris thinks Charles' negatives outweigh the positives.
  • Joe clarified that after the induction furnace incident, when Joe held out his hand for a shake, Joe pulled him
  • Matt J. feels like Charles' positives outweigh the negatives. Matt J. comes in because of his comradery and the conversation.
  • Another members seconded Matt's comment
  • Devin mentioned that Charles feels like he is being targeted by the board and that may explain his behavior
  • DL said that she has been Charles' champions since day one. She thinks that Charles has made improvements since his second warning. She is surprised on how harassed she has felt by him in the last 2 weeks despite her support to him. A stressful situation doesn't excuse his behavior. She is still willing to work with Charles and be his champion.
  • Lance mentioned that we clarified possible suspension after the second warning
  • Dan mentioned that he thought it would be a nifty Dremel stand
  • DL mentions that a short suspension may be warranted but not a year long one
  • Matt mentioned that he had a conversation with Charles that he needs to calm down. Matt thinks that source of Charles' frustration has not been addressed and this will keep happening.
  • Dan feels like Jon H. and Tom are here a lot more.
  • Lance S
  • Chris suggested that Carl should write a blog post
  • Vishal mentioned that it not the board's responsibility to control the members' behavior despite
  • Devin said that the first warning was relatively minor. This is happening because of the third warning. And fierst one didn't matter
  • Dan thinks that 3rd warning has nothing to do with it. He wanted to suspend his after the first meeting.
  • Tom says we could have issued 5-6 warnings but he have been lenient
  • Joe think it was more that just a
  • Lance showed the picture of the table
  • Lnace asys we don't issued warnings didn;t
  • Steve mentioned that as an area champion, he wouldn't have appreciated if someone did it to his
  • TOm mentioned that it has been a characteistic repeated behavior and it hurts the space.
  • Devin mentioned that Charles has been very good to him and has gone out of his way to help him. Devin has been
  • Matt J agreed.
  • Joe and Vishal agreed
  • Steve mentions that Charles is a great guy. But when other people get mad, they don't force other members to leave that building
  • Mike P. asked if we Charles had bad intentions
  • Joe said he thinks Charles is a good person with good intentions but he hasn't gotten the message across. We can only judge him on his behavior.
  • DL mentioned that some time away might be good for him but not too far
  • She suggested a suspension for 28 days
  • Carl asked if he could be a guest of other members
  • Lance clarified that he could not be according to the bylaw
  • Carl said 28 days
  • Dan said 3 months
  • Tom said he will vote for anything upto 6 months
  • Joe said 3 months
  • Vishal said 3 months.
  • Lance agrees with 28 days.
  • If suspended,
  • Vote on giving suspending Charles for 28 days beginning immediately (12/3) - (7) votes say yes.
  • Charles can access his storage if a board member is present.
  • Lance asked if we should refund his dues
  • Vote to waive Charles' dues for the duration of this month - (5) yes, (1) no, (1) abstain
  • Chris thanked all present members and the board
  • Lance thanks the members for asking good questions
  • Chris mentioned that members, if interested, should have a sunset period
  • Devin seconded Chris' statement.

2.1. Discuss/review existing warnings (as a review, not to re-open and vote)

2.2. Discuss potential of suspension

2.3. Discuss length of suspension

2.4. What happens to already-paid dues?

2.5. What happens to currently used storage?

3. Vote (as appropriate) on Suspension

4. close meeting

4.1. Thank all members for their attendance

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