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1. Meeting Start

  • Board Members Present -
  • Members Present - Tony, Matt N., Devin, Matt J.
  • The petition signed by members who support the board's decision was placed in the center of the board.

1.1. Review pertinent by-laws

  • Lance read “SECTION 4 — Termination of Membership” and “SECTION 5 — Suspension of Membership” from Milwaukee Makerspace Bylaws
  • Lance believes sections 4.7
  • Upon question, Dan clarified that

2. Suspension Discussion

  • Lnace stated that there is no sunset period on warning.
  • 1st warning was in May 12 2014 for Vandalism. Charles spray painted the welding table without asking area champion or
  • Charles has been a member since Feb 11, 2014
  • 2nd warning was on May 14 2015. There was a major argument that caused members to leave the building. Charles display aggressive behavior and email
  • 3rd warning on Nov 19, 2015 for moving member property without following proper procedures.
  • Matt J. asked for a clarification
  • Dan J. explained that a bent metal stand with a ticket on it was taken and placed in the lost and found warning.
  • Devin asked for clarification on the second warning.
  • Lance described that Charles has a disagreement, he followed them to the vault hallway, then they just left the building.
  • Carl asked more about more details about the second warning
  • Dan described more about hard drive
  • Steve, one of the members who lodged a complaint, reaffirmed Dan's statement. Steve said that Charles kept escalation the situation.

2.1. Discuss/review existing warnings (as a review, not to re-open and vote)

2.2. Discuss potential of suspension

2.3. Discuss length of suspension

2.4. What happens to already-paid dues?

2.5. What happens to currently used storage?

3. Vote (as appropriate) on Suspension

4. close meeting

4.1. Thank all members for their attendance

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