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November 19, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present: DL, Carl S., Dan J., Lance L., Tom Gr., Joe R.

Board Members Absent: Vishal

Meeting Started

Lance welcome Carl and encouraged sharing, asking, and speaking freely.


Treasurer's Report

  • Treasurer's report was not done
  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
    • Joe has the form but hasn't sent it in yet
  • Previous Action Item: Dan to review Paypal accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit - waiting on Paypal Customer Service
  • No updates

Wild Apricot Transition:

  • Dan said the transition went well and it saves a lot of time
  • Joe agrees with Dan. He mentioned that members seemed to agree as well
  • New system provides real-time accounting and totals
  • The old system is active but it is not being used. It will be archived
  • 500 member limit has been exceeded on Wild Apricot. Though archiving and un-archiving is easy so we don't need to upgrade to the next plan up. Only active members count against the plan limit
  • Still need MMPIS integration
  • Dan noted amount for contribution. $800 to be given out. $700 allocated towards building fund
  • How to sign up new members needs to be updated
  • Dan will be working on single sign on for the wiki
  • Tom noted that we still need to do 9 months of taxes


  • DL is conducting an audit on storage
  • DL mentioned that we are running out of free storage
  • DL is putting pictures in Wild Apricot
  • DL will crack down on inactive or lapsed members. There will be less grace period before contacting and impounding
  • 19117 clock fell off wall and shattered.
  • DL wants to move Ben Nelson's bike up.
  • Mike P.'s cart is too large
  • DL said that Rob Mohr's stuff needs to go on a cart or be moved up
  • DL said that we should rearrange MMS stuff also
  • Char's stuff will be addressed after Jan 1st
  • Dalek space is adding a 3rd Dalek
  • Consider Char's space as Dalek, PPPRS, or Public Space
  • DL has asked Tom Klein to remove his still from he building
  • Joe thinks we need to enforce current storage policies before getting more member shelves
  • We current have 198 members. 173 members, 25 family members
  • Boat will be leaving next year. No interest in asking him to move it earlier than planned. Lance is happy with the progress
  • DL started a waiting list for member shelves
  • Lance asked if a board decision is needed on vacating member storage earlier than 30 days.
  • DL to crack down on people storing stuff in front of pallets, carts,etc.
  • DL will add yellow tape to aisles and floor spaces.
  • DL will add document sleeves
  • DL will send letter to vault hallway renters, nothing can be close than 20“ to ceiling for HVAC and safety

Building ownership/purchasing shares progress

  • Lawyer is creating papers
  • Will close by end of year

* Previous Action Item for Lance - Write a thank you letter to our wonderful snow plower and offer tax exempt letter


  • Matt N. extra storage space
    • Cart with PC's in east room is project for a group
    • Tony Sparks is also working on it.
    • DL said (3) months is at the end of November
    • Matt told DL that it would be transferred to another members
    • But only (3) months are allowed
  • Add Marc Ownley as secondary Welding Area Champion - Dan J.
    • Marc is very helpful and donates a lot to the space.
    • Would an ad of his employer be ok on the website
    • Joe is against a banner being posted at the space
    • DL think a 11×17 and stickers are ok. Also, education charts with w/ vendor names are acceptable

Building Topics

  • New camera system
    • Scott is still championing the install
    • Location, coverage, and tweaks were discussed
    • Brant explained his view on expectations of privacy and public spaces

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • Still a work in progress, was moving, etc. sensors and electronic issues have been fixed
  • Kuka
    • Previous action item: Joe will send a certified letter to the previous Kuka owner
      • No update
  • Induction Furnace
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • partly melted metal. fully melted itself
  • Dust collection system
    • Action Item for Vishal - Follow up with communicators to Hastings Energy
      • Done - Quotes were sent out to the board
      • Whole quote was $20k and Joe thinks that is too expensive
      • Joe think $1-2k is an acceptable number
      • Brant to price the dust system
      • Carl mentioned that Felisha's new dust system was 5 figures

New equipment/donations


  • Red Dragon broke. $1-2k to fix.
  • Adrian is ok with the new bridgeport
  • Vote Take in Rich's Bridgeport. (6) yes, (1) abstain (Vishal)
  • Joe would like (2) months to breakdown and dismantle the Red Dragon


  • New member orientation
    • Previous action item from DL, Lance, and Tom: Plan a new member orientation video
      • No progress
  • Safety
    • Previous action item from Tom: Call mat services to get rental costs
    • Previous action item from DL: Provide dollar numbers for purchasing new carpets
      • Mat cleaning services wil lneed ket access
      • They will also clean bathrooms
      • Cintas provides the best value

Warning for Charles S

  • Tom suggested a warning for (6) months
  • Lance mentioned that Charles feels that he hasn't received adequate time to defend himself. He feels the process has been unfair. Charles acknowledged that he received the warning.
  • DL said that Charles had agreed that he had taken the stand and it should have gone to the hack rack instead of being put in the lost and found
  • DL mentioned that Charles has been good on other things
  • Dan mentioned that Charles told him that Charles had willingly taken the stand to “teach a lesson”
  • Charles joined the meeting
  • Tom summarized the event that caused the warning to be issued to Charles
  • Charles mentioned that he didn't see a parking permit on the stand. He doesn't read the mailing list so he did not see the call for the missing stand.
  • Charles returned the stand to the member when they asked him where it was
  • The member grabbed the stand from the lost and found. She accused Charles of theft and left the room. Charles offered to talk to her but she refused.
  • Charles and Dan discussed the event right after and Dan inquired why he didn't put a red ticket on the item.
  • When asked why Charles only removed the stand and not the remaining items on the table, Charles mentioned that he became busy and got distracted.
  • Dan asked Charles why he didn't just put a red ticket on the stand
  • Charles responded that the policy is inconsistent and Charles contributes a lot to space cleanup
  • Dan mentioned that there was a parking permit on the table.
  • Charles mentioned that he did not see the ticket
  • Charles believes that Tom and Joe break space policies all the time
  • Dan asked if Charles is not on the mailing list, how does he plan on informing other members when he moves an item in this manner. What would have happened if no one had asked Charles anything and the item had been subsequently removed from the building?
  • Charles mentioned that there are too many emails on the mailing list and he isn't interested in it. The list has poor conduct.
  • Charles believes that he followed the rule as expected. He believes that the short notice is unfair.
  • Lance mentioned that no one is talking about suspension at this time. He added that Charles does a lot for the space.
  • Lance suggested that Charles use the abridged mailing list.
  • Charles apologized for causing concerns
  • DL asked if Charles could have posted an email to the members-only list after moving the stand
  • Charles said that the red ticket signature should be removed to avoid confrontation
  • DL said prints the red tickets with her signature since it is her job to deal with stuff and move things
  • Charles said that we as members should be empowered to ticket. He believes that contacting DL is adding a layer of bureaucracy
  • Charles agreed that a red ticket should have been issued in this situation
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