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September 17, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present: Lance L., Tom G., Joe R., Vishal R., Dan J.

Board Members Absent: Felisha W., Deboralynn S.

Meeting Started


Treasurer's Report

  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
    • Paperwork almost submitted
  • Previous Action Item: Dan to review Paypal accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit - waiting on Paypal Customer Service
  • Haven't received anything from Paypal
  • Tom has spent around $3,000 on the Maker Faire Budget
  • Truck will cost an additional $250
  • There is a $200 party budget
    • Action Items - Vishal will talk to Mondo about getting beer

Wild Apricot testing

  • DL suggested putting non-assigned dues towards the mortgage
  • Lance and Dan suggested putting $5 of a family member's dues towards the assigned values
  • Tom and Joe suggested zero
  • Vote - Allocate $1.25 from family members' member fees - (4) say yes, Joe said no
  • The space will be transitioning to Wild Apricot on November 1.
  • Dan will send an email to the space for instructions
  • Joe asked if we have tried out Quickbook export from Wild Apricot
  • Dan said not yet but it's supposed to work

Building ownership/purchasing shares progress

  • Membership Vote
    • Action Item - Lance will send an announcement that voting will start on September 24th.
    • The vote will run through October 1st.
    • There was concern about Tom Gr. being a shareholder and board member
    • Tom Gr. has been and will continue to abstain from all votes on this decision


Building Topics

  • New camera system
    • Scott Swanson wasn't present at the meeting
  • Previous Action Item Lance will put together a new questionnaire for equipment usage
    • No need with the new system.
  • Network Switch Switchout
    • Chris needs the 48-port gig power-over-ethernet switch back, and has a 24-port gig non-POE switch onhand already. This will leave MMS with 1×24-port POE 10/100 switch (for phones), and 1×24-port non-POE Gig switch (for main systems). Chris also recommends upgrading the power strip while doing this changeover. This would mean a full shutdown of both MMS's network, and also the access control system. Chris needs to know when the best time to accomplish this would be, and if anyone from the BOD would care to help with the migration/rearrangement.
      • Dan suggested Doors Open Milwaukee 2015
      • Dan and Chris will coordinate an install time and send a 24 hour notice

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: August 2015
      • Joe did not have a good first run
      • He needs a non-metal electronics enclosure.
  • Kuka
    • Previous action item: Joe will contact the Kuka donor to see if they want the control cabinet back
      • No updates
  • Induction Furnace
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • The date for completion remains the same
      • Most work will be done after Maker Faire
  • Large format plotters
    • Previous Action Item We were going to get rid of it one way or another
      • (1) is gone.
      • A 2nd one remains
  • Dust collection system
    • Members are still talking to vendors

New equipment/donations

  • Wood Lathe in the East Room
    • Previous Action Item Joe will be taking it back
      • He is still planning on doing it


  • Space improvement day won't be held this month due to Maker Faire
    • Joe suggested no unescorted Guests in the East Room and the Vault Hallway at Makerspace Open House
  • New member orientation on October 3rd
    • Vishal will hold the orientation
  • Safety
    • Brant has been putting up PPE signs - thanks Brant
  • Doors Open Milwaukee Sept 19-20th, Events for 2015
    • Need more volunteers
    • We'll have a news crew at the space this Friday at 11AM.
  • MMS Booth at Maker Faire
    • Tom will have his Electronic Neon and Ping Pong Cannon there.
    • Brant is coordinating the effort

Any topics from members who are present

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