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August 20, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present: Joe R., Felisha W., Dan J., Tom G., Deboralynn S., Vishal R.

Board Members Absent: Lance L.

Meeting Started


Treasurer's Report * Income was a little below normal * It is usually $7,000 * This month it was $6,500 * Joe believes this is an anomaly based on how people choose to pay (some people pay 6 months at a time, etc.)

  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
    • Joe previously reported that we can get rid of taxes on our utility. That will amount to a monthly savings of $100.
    • Joe will get that info over to WE Energies
  • Previous Action Item: Joe and Dan to review Paypal accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit
  • We are waiting for a Paypal customer service rep to get back to us. Our fees will be be reduced from 2.9% to 2.7%. 30 cent transaction fees will be eliminated as well.

Wild Apricot testing

  • Previous Action Item: DL will update Wild Apricot splash page with wiki page,etc. (on hold by DL until privacy issues are addressed)
    • Done
  • Previous Action Item: DL is going to create do transition instructions (on hold by DL until privacy issues are addressed)
    • DL is actively working on it
  • Previous Action Item: Vishal to export all keys from google app engine from Wild Apricot
    • Done

Building ownership/purchasing shares progress

  • Discuss next steps
    • Joe will work on the projection spreadsheet
    • Then we can have a membership vote
    • After a decision has been made, we can give the lawyers a go ahead.
    • Tom mentioned that the decision to contract closing process will take roughly (1) month.
    • Joe mentioned that we don't need to rush the process. Let's answer all the questions that come up.
    • Adrian mentioned that the end of the year seems like a good deadline to get everything done.
    • Felisha inquired about our fiscal year.
    • Tom said our fiscal year matches the calendar year
  • Dan will ask more members for the beta testers on Wild Apricot (WA)
  • DL agrees that we should add another dozen month-to-month members to the WA list
  • Joe said that we should add all Paypal members to the list
    • DL will enter their storage fees into WA
    • DL will import all keys into WA
    • Dan will identify and transfer members
    • Dan discussed WA invoicing details
    • Dan, Joe, and DL will meet on Sunday to go through WA invoicing.
    • Joe inquired about change to recurring Paypal statements
    • Dan and DL mentioned that it was wonky but there is a solution to recurring Paypal payment integration with WA
    • Tom mentions that we need a soda area champion but we don't have one.


  • The following policy will be effective on August 1st.
    • (3) late payments for rental space (After 1st of the month) over rolling (12) month period, results in forfeiture of rental space for locations where there is a waiting list for - Payments will be applied to membership fees, before they are applied to rental space dues
  • Tom received a bill for the sanding supplies
    • He received (140) sanding disk and belts
    • Total bill was over $600.
    • This supply will last approximately 6 months in metal shop, wood shop, forge area, and finishing area
    • Tom thinks it is cheaper to go this route (buy belts in bulk through our contact)
    • Dan mentions that we will be spending $10/month per area.
    • Vote - Reimburse Tom for $600 of sanding supplies. (4) board members vote yes, Joe said no, Tom abstained, Lance is absent
      • Joe mentioned that he wasn't sure this was pre-approved
      • Adrian mentioned that the machine shop has put up a shop for selling bits. It has been successful
      • Felisha mentioned that this approach has failed in the woodshop. The belt sander remained unused when the abrasives were missing.

Building Topics

  • New camera system
    • Previous Action Item: Scott Swanson will bring in this own system and see if it works with out system
    • Scott supplied BNC to ethernet converters to Dan. They may be missing power supplies.
    • Dan will reach out to the membership to see if someone wants to champion this endeavor
  • Previous Action Item Lance will put together a new questionnaire for equipment usage
    • No update
  • Monthly expenses: Water heater thermostat: $18.42, Timer switch for bathroom $15, Pottery timer $15, Garage door threshold ~$60
    • Tom asked for a $100 maintenance budget instead of asking for reimbursement every month
    • Vote - Authorize board members to spend up to $100 per instance for building maintenance/safety without board approval. Purchases over $100 require board approval. (6) board members vote yes, Lance is absent.

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: August 2015
      • Right on the cusp
      • It cuts scrap metal
      • Next step is a water table
      • DL has a small keyboard to control the cutter
  • 4×8 CNC Router
    • Done
  • Kuka
    • Previous action item: Joe will contact the Kuka donor to see if they want the control cabinet back
      • No Update
  • Induction Furnace
    • Previous estimated date for completion: October 2015
      • No Update
      • A new member actually works for an induction furnace company
  • Large format plotters
    • Previous Action Item Put grey printer in impound lot
      • It will be donated to ReStore
      • Steve mentioned that he would maybe like to get rid of the plotter
      • DL said that the Maker Faire expressed interest in using it.
      • Dan said that we should reach out to Pete to see if they wanna use it
  • Dust collection system
    • Still letting Alex go forward and work with Hastings energy

New equipment/donations

  • Wood Lathe in the East Room
    • Previous Action Item Joe will be taking it back
      • Joe will take it away this Tuesday, 8/25


  • Sunday, the 30th is the space improvement day
    • Deep Clean the machine shop
    • Install first aid kits
    • Brant will put up a fan in the CNC room to move the air in there.
      • The area champions are ok with it
    • Vote - Let Brant cut a hole in the wall in the CNC room and put a fan there - All (6) vote yes, Lance is absent
  • New member orientation on September 5th
    • DL will do it
  • Safety
    • DL found some safety posters that are totaling around $30 that she'll be purchasing.
    • Lance brought in new first aid kits
    • Need to hang a fire extinguisher in the forge area
  • MMS Booth at Maker Faire
    • Brant volunteered to run this, does he need anything from us?
      • Dan asked it Brant needs funds
      • Mark is bringing his 3D printer as well
      • We need more business cards and stickers
        • Vote - Allocate $300 for Brant to purchase business cards and stickers - All (6) vote yes, Lance is absent

Any topics from members who are present

  • Adrian asked about the Red Dragon
    • It was working. Now the X-Drive on the VFD could be dead.
  • Brant asked if MMS is interested in sponsoring BarCamp
  • Adrian mentioned that part of 501(3)c we should be sponsoring community organizations
  • Brant may present something the next meeting
  • Brant mentioned that he could to the survey if people are interested
    • DL said that he could do it in October-November
  • Dan brought up that the Power Wheels area is underused
  • Tom mentioned that let's make sure that they don't feel unweclome
  • Felisha said that we just want to see it be more active
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