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July 16, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present: All (7) present

Meeting Started


Treasurer's Report

  • $18,000 was moved from checking to savings account
  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
    • Joe reported that we can get rid of taxes on our utility. That will amount to a monthly savings of $100.
  • Previous Action Item: Joe and Dan to review Paypal, Square, etc accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit
  • No updates on this item
  • Dan asked about status of area champion budget requests
  • Joe mentioned that we need membership input into deciding budget allocation
  • Lance thinks that membership will understand the disparity in budget allocation
  • Joe proposes that membership should be able to allocate funds to different areas
  • Dan talked about how this could be implemented in Wild Apricot
    • Action Item Dan will implement memerbship payment in wild apricot
  • Dan mentioned that area champion should be able to directly use the donation from the donation boxes
  • Vote to remove locks from donation boxes - All (7) vote yes
  • Receipts from all purchases by area champion should be returned to the donation boxes or handed to the treasurer.

Wild Apricot testing

  • Previous Action Item: DL will update Wild Apricot splash page with wiki page,etc. (on hold by DL until privacy issues are addressed)
  • Previous Action Item: DL is going to create do transition instructions (on hold by DL until privacy issues are addressed)
  • Dan and DL still agree that we should keep going forward with Wild Apricot
  • Wild Apricot funding needs to move over to the space credit card going forward or cancelled.
  • Vote to pay for 1 year Wild Apricot subscription - All (7) votes yes
  • Action Item: Vishal to export keys from google app engine from Wild Apricot

Building ownership/purchasing shares progress

  • Tom shared the draft email for purchase
  • Lance suggested that we should all read the email and provide feedback in (1) week


  • Question has been raised about time limit on warnings. Should a warning from 3 years ago still count towards suspension or at some point does the counter start over?
    • Lance mentioned that (1) year has been the informal time limit
    • Tom mentioned that it takes a lot to get (3) warnings
    • Joe mentioned that someone with (4) suspensions is likely not a good fit for the organization
    • Tom doesn't think we need a sunset
    • DL asked for clarification about bylaws relative to this subject
    • Lance clarified the suspension and termination guidelines in bylaw
    • Felisha mentioned that the last warning took a lot of discussion and argument and that is a good thing
    • Tom agrees with Felisha's statement
    • Lance mentioned that board doesn't need to wait for (3) warnings before suspending a member
    • Felisha mentioned that it is up to the discretion of the board
    • Vote to reaffirm current policies and procedures - All (7) votes yes
  • Concern has been raised raised that BOD members are not held to the same standards as members. There is the concern that some bod members are being given a free pass when they behave poorly.
    • Charles mentioned previously that Vishal was not furnished a warning upon an indicent
    • Felisha told him that Vishal was actually given a public warning
    • Lance mentioned that board members have received 33% of warnings.
    • Felisha that with almost 200 members, we are going to have interpersonal issues and just yelling shouldn't result in a warning
    • DL agreed with Felisha's statement
    • Joe mentioned that board members and others members have yelled at each other
  • Request to rescind warning given to Charles and to re-instate as electronics area champion.
    • DL mentioned that Charles' previous warning was issued based on an single incident
    • Charles doesn't believe he was given enough opportunity to defend himself
    • Lance mentioned Charles was actually given an audience by the whole board to defend himself
    • Vote for no change to Charles' warning and area champion status - all (7) vote yes

Building Topics

  • Electric Kiln Ventilation - done
  • New camera system
    • Dan is having a hard time purchasing compatible equipment because we bought a very specific camera system
    • Joe inquired about compatibility of cameras with DVR
    • Dan mentioned that we have very specific cameras that are not compatible with most systems
    • Scott Swanson will bring in this own system and see if it works with out system
  • “Who to Call” sheets located around building need to be updated. (2) out of (4) people listed are no longer board members.
    • Previous Action Item: Adrian and Maureen will update the who to call sheets. Action Item Completed
  • Previous Action Item Lance will put together a new questionnaire for equipment usage
  • No updates yet

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: July 2015
    • It now cuts metal
    • need to feed it G-code
    • New date for completion - August 2015
    • Joe has been conversing with members about consumables
    • DL mentioned that we could have consumables under lock and key for training purposes
    • Joe mentioned that members could be handed a kit of consumables when they are trained
    • Joe mentioned a maker store
    • Dan thinks it should not be a board level decision
    • Tom agrees with the idea of consumable kit
    • Lance said that Chris H. has though about vending machine
    • Tom doesn't think it has to be sophisticated
    • Vishal mentioned an honor system
    • Felisha mentioned that soda incident
    • Lance mentioned that Honor system hasn't worked in his previous experiences
    • Lance mentioned a bounty to implement such a system
    • Tom said that they could keep profits - that is the bounty
    • Vishal mentioned that BBCM's BAM has one
    • Lance mentioned that it doesn't feel like board wants to implement anything. Tool owners can choose as necessary
    • Board actively welcomes a member run maker store.
  • 4×8 CNC Router
    • Previous estimated date for completion: July, 2015
    • Steve is making a dust shoe
    • Tom is getting trained on it
  • Kuka
    • Previous action item: Joe will contact the Kuka donor to see if they want the control cabinet back
    • No updates
  • “Red Dragon” RA-1F Vertical Mill
  • It is completely operational
  • several people are trained on it now
  • Induction Furnace
    • Previous estimated date for completion: July 2015
    • still needs wiring and connection
    • New completion date - October 2015
  • Large format plotters
    • Previous Action Item BBCM will inspect grey printer and follow up with DL
      • BBCM is not interested
      • No interest when posted on craigslist
      • will be donated to ReStore
      • Joe asked if we should put it in impound lot
      • Vote to put it in impound lot - all (7) vote yes
  • New Green Vaccuum Former
    • Area champion Dan requested consumables
    • Dan mentioned that board doesn't approve consumables
    • Tom agreed
  • Dust collection system
    • will be discussed in more detail at the next board meeting since we are waiting for proposal

New equipment/donations

  • Wood Lathe in the East Room
    • Joe asked Steve if he wants it in the wood shop Steve declined
    • Joe will be taking it back
  • Table saw
    • It is installed and connected
    • Dust collection port is also installed
    • Old table saw will be going away


  • Previous Action Item: Joe mentioned holding a summer science fair
    • Lance will talk to Colleen to see if she wants to make it happen
      • No updates
  • Sunday, the 26th is the space improvement day
  • 4-5 people are needed to clean the woodshop
  • Lance mentioned that we need to deep clean one area a month
  • DL mentioned that we need eye wash stations
  • DL suggested putting an eye wash kit and a first aid kit near each fire extinguisher
  • Tom mentioned that we currently have (15) fire extinguishers
  • Joe mentioned that we could put first aid in every bathroom
  • Tom suggested (1)-(2) big eye wash station in the building and a single use kit near each fire extinguisher
  • Lance mentioned a Defibrillator
  • DL suggested (15) single use eye wash stations, (1)-(2) larger eye wash station, and (1) first aid in each area
  • Lance mentioned that we have (4) first aids already
  • Vote to approve a $100 budget to purchase more first aid kits - all (7) vote yes
  • Vote to approve a $100 budget to purchase single use eye wash kits - all (7) vote yes
  • New member orientation on August 1st
    • Tom said he will do it this month
  • Safety
    • DL mentioned we need spares fire extinguished for rotations when some are getting recharged
    • Dk remarked that need signs for fire extinguisher signs
    • Tom has (2) spare 20 lbs fire extinguishers that he will bring in

Any topics from members who are present

  • Maker Faire Party
    • Vote to approve a $200 budget for saturday night maker faire party - all (7) vote yes
  • Policy for non payment
    • Several rental space members have been paying late regularly
    • Tom suggested that they could lose right to storage space for a year
    • Felisha mentioned that if they are late and there is no waiting list, they are not inconveniencing anybody
    • Lance mentioned that they could go to back of line if there is a waiting list
    • Vote: Effective August 1st - (3) late payments for rental space (After 1st of the month) over rolling (12) month period, results in forfeiture of rental space for locations where there is a waiting list for - Payments will be applied to membership fees, before they are applied to rental space dues - All (7) vote yes
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