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June 25, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Time: 7:00pm

Location: Craft Lab

Board Members Present: Joe R., Dan J., Tom G., Vishal R., Deboralynn S.

Board Members Absent: Lance L.(Vote Proxied to Deboralynn), Felisha W.(No Proxy Assigned)

Meeting Started


Treasurer's Report

  • We have not received a Snow Plowing bill yet
    • Tom mentioned that we could offer them an in kind donation
  • Joe mentioned that we are not nickel and diming this year, no extra expenses
  • MMS is running a surplus of $3,000 per month
  • Tom mentioned that with the excess funds, we can start asking members to appropriate funds to designated areas.
  • Action Item: Vishal will extract all keys from Google App Engine.
  • Some members brought up privacy concerns about Wild Apricot
    • DL mentioned that, in her experience, Wild Apricot's privacy policy is reasonable
    • DL mentioned that Wild Apricot is based in Canada and their privacy policies are more stringent than the US
    • For extremely privacy conscious members, we can leave addresses and phone numbers out of the system. The only items that have to be in the system are name and email.
    • DL suggested a service fee for late payments and checks.
    • Dan mentioned we can activate bulk purchase (3+ months) discounts.
    • DL mentioned that bulk purchase can be easily setup in Wild Apricot
    • Dan brought up Joe's expenditure of time and gas to deposit checks
    • Dan asked if we can accept credit cards through Paypal
    • Tom mentioned that we can
    • Dan and Joe spend about (15) hours monthly to collect payments
    • Joe suggested that we transition to Wild Apricot first and figure out change in dues structure later.
    • DL mentioned that Wild Apricot is changing their pricing structure. We can lock in at the current rate if we pay for (6) months before August
    • Adrian inquired why we don't pay for (1) year right away
    • Dan mentioned that we need to pass the beta test first
  • Previous Action Item: Joe will talk to WE energies about our utility rates
    • No updates on this item
  • Previous Action Item: Joe and Dan to review Paypal, Square, etc accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit
    • No updates on this item

Wild Apricot testing

  • Previous Action Item: DL will update Wild Apricot splash page with wiki page,etc.
    • DL is almost done with this
  • Previous Action Item: DL is going to create do transition instructions
    • DL is almost done with the instructions
  • Previous Action Item: Dan will update wild apricot site branding (CSS, etc.) to match
    • Action Item Complete

Building ownership/purchasing shares report progress

  • Previous Action Item: Tom to present a building purchase options report
    • Dan questioned the costs of acquiring loans from the Bank versus Building Owners
    • Investors group is willing to provide loan at a fixed rate of 5%
    • Dan mentioned that we should present a proposal to the membership
    • Tom clarified that after purchase, the MMS will have to pay property tax and insurance
    • Joe has concerns about future membership dip in the future
    • DL mentioned that we can adjust fees
    • Vishal said that we have other options as a 501(3c) - grants, classes, etc.
    • Vishal asked if we have received a property tax exemption already.
    • Tom mentioned that we already have income tax exemption but no property tax exemption yet
    • Dan mentioned a very positive meeting between him, Lance, and Senator Tammy Baldwin's office
    • Dan mentioned that Senator Tammy Baldwin's office will be happy to help us with the letter to property tax exemption
    • Adrian inquired about how a land contract protects the makerspace
    • Tom answered that the buyer cannot back out after the land contract is signed. The lawyer suggested that a land contract is simpler and has lower fees
    • Vote: Present an official purchase plan ($4000, inclusive of taxes and property tax) to the membership
    • 6 yes, 1 abstain(Felisha).


Building Topics

  • Electric Kiln Ventilation
    • Almost done.
    • Brant will put a 12 hour timer on the fan.
  • Previous Action Item Dan J. to purchase new camera system
  • Cameras wasn't delivered.
  • We will seek a new vendor
  • Tom suggested that we should put a power vent over the anodizing rig.
  • Tom asked why the forge needs to be near the garage bay
  • Dan mentioned that the heat produced by the forge in the summer will heat up the rest of the building
  • Tom mentioned that there is a roof cut in the building above the vaults that could be used for ventilation
  • Dan and Tom delayed this discussion for summer 2016.
  • “Who to Call” sheets located around building need to be updated. (2) out of (4) people listed are no longer board members.
    • Action Item: Adrian and Maureen will update the who to call sheets.
  • Previous Action Item Lance will put together a new questionnaire for equipment usage
  • No updates

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Previous estimated date for completion: July 2015
      • Still on track for July completion
      • Adrian asked if a deadline should be set for completion or equipment is removed.
      • Vote: Equipment will be removed if not completed by October 1. Completion means that (2) people have to be listed as trainers and documentation is present on the wiki.
        • (5) yes, (2) abstain (Joe,Felisha)
  • 4×8 CNC Router
    • Previous estimated date for completion: July, 2015
    • Vote: Equipment will be removed if not completed by October 1. Completion means that (2) people have to be listed as trainers and documentation is present on the wiki.
      • (5) yes, (2) abstain (Joe,Felisha)
  • Kuka
    • Previous estimated date for completion: July, 2015
      • Vishal asked if we could sell the Kuka
      • Dan asked if we could use the Servo from the Kuka for other uses
      • Tom mentioned that the servos are 480V, 3 Phase and aren't easy to control
      • Tom says there isn't a market for it
      • Joe asked if we can take it to maker faire
      • Adrian mentioned that they are selling for $3,000 on ebay
      • Joe will contact the Kuka donor to see if they want the control cabinet back and we will make a decision from there
  • “Red Dragon” RA-1F Vertical Mill update
  • It is working and making chips
  • Induction Furnace
    • Previous estimated date for completion: July 2015
      • It is now on the pallet.
      • On track for July completion
  • Large format plotters
    • Previous Action Item Steve will try to sell grey printer, if it’s not sold in 30 days, it’ll be scrapped
      • DL mentioned that it could be given to BBCM or donated to ReStore since we can't find a buyer for it
        • BBCM will inspect and follow up with DL
  • New Green Vaccuum Former
    • New home for it is in the west room
    • Dan needs a budget to buy supplies for it

New equipment/donations

  • Cart of Computers
    • All items were removed from the space
  • Purchase Cordless Drills - Tom G.
    • Purchase (2) drill+impact kits - $99 each
    • Purchase (1) sawzall,circular saw, (2) batteries - $130 each
    • Vote: Make total $330 expenditure
      • (6) yes, (1) abstain (Felisha)
  • Bridgeport w/ DRO - Adrian V.
    • Adrian mentioned that it will be placed in the existing metal shop footprint.
    • Tom mentioned that he would be happy to take the Gorton away and loan it to another makerspace.
    • Adrian is open to taking the Gorton away once the new mill is in
    • Dan mentioned that there may be too many mills in the space.
    • Vote: Bring it in
      • (6) yes, (1) abstain (Felisha)
  • Wood Lathe in the East Room
    • Joe mentioned that be brought in a working lathe and it was taken apart.
    • He would like it put back together before he takes it back.
    • DL will find a space for in on space improvement day that allows easier access.


  • Previous Action Item: Joe mentioned holding a summer science fair
    • Lance will talk to Colleen to see if she wants to make it happen
      • No update
  • Sunday, the 28th is the space improvement day
  • The east room will be cleaned out
  • DL will conduct a safety inspection
  • Weatherstripping is needed on the door
  • No new member orientation this week
  • We could have new members watch videos
    • Previous Action Item - Vishal will contact hackerspace mailing list for examples
      • no update

Any topics from members who are present

  • Maker Faire Iconic Project
    • Tom asked for a 4'x4' space to start off
    • It will be expanded to 4'x12' as construction starts going
  • Artemis Star Trek Bridge
    • Kathy asked for a 20'x20' space
    • Artemis will need to be puttied and primed.
    • The game computers will be moved in the same area.
    • Vote: To approve more that 100 square feet of storage space
      • (6) Yes, (1) abstain (Felisha)
  • Power Wheels
  • Dan mentioned that we should remove the power wheels area due to inactivity and consolidate it on the pallet
  • Ed, the primary power wheels builder, is ok with the space going away
  • Kathy offered to take the Nerdy Derby track away
  • Power Wheels can be put on pallet and take the space opened up by removal Nerdy Derby
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