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Board Meeting Minutes March 19, 2015


MMS BOD Meeting March 19, 2015 6:30 pm Lenox, Meeting Room

Meeting Started

  • Lance welcomed Felisha
  • Lance encouraged “intelligent disagreement”


  • Joe brought the February treasurers report brought to meeting
  • Joe asked what we have to do for taxes
  • Tom said CPA will file 2014 taxes for us
  • Joe said that the Bank has our new EIN number
  • Rackspace charges questioned by Chris, , Joe will correct typo from ~$200 to ~$20
  • Joe wants login info for Rackspace to keep with other account info on the board google drive
  • Joe and Dan to review Paypal, Square, etc accounts and what fees we can use now that we're a non profit
  • Wild Apricot does interface with paypal
  • Tom will have a building purchase options report next BOD meeting
  • Mortgages and financing discussed
  • Tom reiterated that he will abstain from voting on any mortgage to avoid conflicts of interest


  • We have feedback from the area champions on the area champion responsibilities document
  • The board will incorporate the feedback and finalize the document
  • Area champions google group has been set up

Building Topics

  • Metal Shop Reorg - nothing
  • Wiring – have materials, needs to do something with it
  • Welding Exhaust Filter Box – It is done!
  • Tickets
    • DL has new tickets with more information
    • DL will be sending it to board list for review
    • Joe has concerns about the impound lot and need for clarification around it
      • People have been asking about taking stuff off of the area
      • DL says according to state law, we can get rid of people’s stuff after a notification of 30 days
      • DL will work on providing more clarification
  • Dumpster
    • Felisha spoke about dumpster being blocked
    • Old two yard dumpster was on wheels, this new four yard isn't
    • ACTION ITEM Brant will confirm with advanced waste that pickup is now on Wednesdays from now on, and update the sign
    • Tom said we could try moving the dumpster to the other end of the alley with the forklift to see if it fits
    • Further actions will be considered as needed
  • Proposed West Room Changes
    • DL received a request from Jon for the jewelry area
    • Need further conversation with Matt and Steve about the CNC/Kuka Room
  • Electric Kiln Ventilation
    • Fan is there, Need to mount it and wire it.
  • Additional Security Camera Purchase
    • Can get new DVR with 8 cameras is $572
    • Can get 6 new cameras for $300
    • Current System has 6 camera ports left
    • Adrian questioned the effectiveness of camera resolution
      • Many board members expressed that this hasn’t been an issue
    • Tom mentioned that having a second camera system gives us redundancy
    • All (7) board members said yes to buying new DVR with 8 cameras at a cost of $572.
  • Internet
    • Vik offered BOD a new deal for Internet service
    • Joe said they may use our location as one node in a wireless mesh
    • No main hard line expected, Wireless entirely
    • Chris said we have 30 down and 5 up currently
    • Extra cable suggested to add to budget
    • A guest offered free cat 6 cable donation, at least 500 feet available
    • No further action to be taken at this point
  • Operation Director's Corner
  • Nothing should be stored in the Fire Lane
  • There is a storage area specifically for carts
  • Brant and Adrian will be on DL’s O&M committee

Member/Space Projects Update

  • 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter
    • Now has sensors
    • July 2015 estimated completion date
  • 4×8 CNC Router
    • Building end stops, need to do wiring
    • Electronics box needs wiring
    • Need help soldering cables
    • April 2nd, 2015 estimated completion date
  • Kuka
    • The VFD motor up and running after a good cleaning
    • Felisha said she saw it used for magnetag sword
    • Lots of cool things here, including the Kuka, but more things are seeing progress
    • Felisha asked how many people will make use of the Kuka realistically
    • Lance said motor drive and spindle have been issues
    • Matt has acknowledged to Lance that Kuka can use less space, move against wall
    • SprutCAM available, won't be an easy tool for a non CAM person to learn
    • Felisha expressed concern that many CNC machines are collecting dust, underutilized
    • Lance said Steve had offered to train once CNC router is done
    • Lance thinks the education and training is lagging currently, but will catch up
    • Vishal said regular office hours would help, Lance added that DLs pottery schedule is a great example of consistency and availability
    • Joe said we should try to standardize tool chains and workflows, members only need to learn one set of steps
    • Danielle offered fusion 360, Tom and others debated 1 or 3 years free then pay
    • Other software may be available for non-profits, Dan mentioned tech soup website
    • Rhino 4 and 5 available, Steve offered his license to the space
    • Steve said DraftSight could dovetail nicely into rhino
    • Lance said fusion 360 has built in CAM
  • “Red Dragon” RA-1F Vertical Mill update
    • Waiting for CAM toolchain
    • Steve said he couldn't use it due to error
  • Induction Furnace
    • Need to make a welder pallet and move it close to the ventilation
    • Tom has the transformer now
    • Estimated date for completion is July 2015
  • Large format plotters
    • No progress
    • It got rearranged
    • Steve will try to sell grey printer, if it’s not sold in 30 days, it’ll be scraped
    • Akai brought in new printer
    • Chris said the printing area has a network jack now
  • Floor sweeper
    • Tom sold it for $400.
  • New Green Vaccuum Former
    • Sitting on Steve’s table
    • Nothing’s been done to it
  • Vaccuum Former being built by Mykal
    • DL is going to follow up with Mykal

New equipment/donations

  • Akai asked about the printer he brought in, wants it in a cleaner space than east room
  • Akai was directed to photo lab area champion


  • Badge Competition is being judged on April 21st
  • Joe mentioned holding a summer science fair
  • Bad Robot Competition
    • Vishal said that there wasn't much interest
  • Fixit Day
    • Lance suggested another public Neighborhood fixit day
    • Vishal asked about liability if we fix things for others
    • Attendees filled out a liability release form
    • Vishal will talk to Jason Haas
  • Sunday, the 29th is the space improvement day

Any topics from members who are present

Brant put together the following summary for Vending machines

  • Contract options
    • Free vending
      • Items are free, no cost to members
      • Vendor bills MMS full price for items taken
      • Machines provided at no cost to MMS
    • Subsidized
      • Items are sold at a reduced price
      • Vendor bills MMS the difference
      • Machines provided at no cost to MMS
      • Example: Sodas $0.25 or $0.50
    • Traditional
      • Items are sold at full price
      • Machines provided at no cost to MMS
  • Products
    • Lots of brands, both Coke & Pepsi
    • Sodas, juices, teas, flavored waters, energy drinks, Gatorade, etc.
    • Snacks, candy, gum, etc.
    • Healthy stuff too
  • Local vendors
  • Brant will keep exploring more options
  • Danielle suggested asking if we can make commission
  • Chris suggested we get an empty vending machine to put electronics and Arduinos in

Next Meeting

April 16th, 2015 1830


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