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Board Meeting Agenda for October 23rd, 2014

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox, Meeting Room (moved from Craft Lab)

  1. 7:10 meeting started
  2. Legal/Financial:
    1. 7:11 Treasurer's Report
      1. JoeR indicated a report was not yet ready
      2. Later in the discussion Adrian asked why a report was not ready
        1. Joe apologized and said he had been sick this past week
        2. Adrian noted that regular reports help promote transparency, should other members raise concerns
        3. Joe and others agreed
    2. 7:13 New Board transition
      1. Lance, Brant, and Joe to arrange a time to meet and go to the bank to sign over accounts (this was arranged after the meeting)
    3. 7:14 Building keys
      1. Tiffany and Dan noted that more copies of the building key are needed
      2. Not all Board Members have a key yet
    4. 7:15 Building ownership/purchasing shares
      1. Joe indicated that he wishes to create a report for members that helps explain the purchase of building shares
      2. Dan and others agreed, Vishal volunteered to help
      3. Tom and Joe indicated they are working on getting a CMA report from a realtor
      4. A draft will be made available for the BOD to review and approve prior to sharing with others
    5. 7:17 Non-profit, 501c3 status
      1. TomG spoke with our CPA this week
      2. CPA has requested a spreadsheet for 2014 similar to the 2013 one provided
      3. CPA has reviewed other makerspaces and believes our non-profit application will be approved by the IRS
      4. Final approval may take 3-9 months
      5. IRS may request specific wording be revised in our By-Laws, this is yet to be determined
      6. Tom asked that we begin referring to the organization as “a community” or “educational group” and not a social club to better represent ourselves
      7. Tom noted that he paid the IRS application fee of $850 last year
      8. CPA's fees will likely total $500-$1,000, this is yet to be determined
      9. CPA is reviewing the possibility of members being able to write-off their own dues
    6. 7:19 State of Wisconsin, Annual Report
      1. Tom handed Lance a reminder notice we received in the mail from the State
      2. Lance agreed to complete the Annual Report online after the meeting (this was completed)
    7. 7:21
      1. Dan offered to link our bank accounts with
      2. This would allow us to generate reports faster
      3. No one present objected to allowing Dan to do this
    8. 7:22 Quicken, accounting software progress
      1. Tom said Tony was reviewing the API to integrate the access control system with QuickBooks
  3. Policies and Procedures:
    1. 7:24 Floor Rental Spaces
      1. The group discussed a color-coded floor plan that Brant drafted clarifying where storage and projects should be located
        1. Tiffany asked that shelving, especially in the Craft Lab, be included
        2. An area for the 'Impound Lot' should be designated as well
        3. Vishal approved of the floor plan
        4. Dan asked that the floor plan be printed out and posted around the building once approved
        5. Tiffany later added that there should be “green” storage space in the Craft Lab, not “blue”
        6. Brant agreed to revise the floor plan and submit it to the BOD for review and approval
      2. Floor space remaining in the Vault Hallway
        1. Tiffany noted that after the lockers are relocated, there will be approximately 100 sq.ft. of floor space left
        2. Tiffany also noted that Liisa's storage could possibly be located in the East Room
        3. Brant asked if the BOD considered RichH's request for 80 sq.ft of floor space a personal or community area
          1. Tom and others agreed it would likely be considered personal space
          2. Will review more at a future time
        4. Tom suggested we start a waiting list for floor rental space, like we already have for vaults
        5. When asked, JimK noted he no longer needs the table space he previously requested
    2. 7:27 Vault Hallway Storage Options
      1. When considering areas that could be relocated to create more storage space, the group mostly agreed that the Paint Room should remain where it currently is
      2. The merits and conflicts of relocating the Pottery Area were briefly discussed
        1. Tom indicated that it should be located at an exterior wall to facilitate adding an exhaust fan in the future
        2. Tiffany noted that its location is preferable with respect to the typical guest tour route
        3. Tiffany and Lance discussed replacing the metal shelving (not the black wire racks) with lockers on the exterior wall
        4. Tiffany asked that we consider how to better show off or exhibit pottery work
        5. Tom said we still have yet to determine if the Pottery Area is cleaner or dirtier than adjacent work areas
        6. Tiffany said clean space will be needed for drying, finishing, and glazing
        7. Those present noted the Area Champions of the Pottery Area were not present
        8. Everyone agreed to discuss this further with the Area Champions before making any decisions
    3. 7:30 Relocating/Removing Lockers
      1. Tiffany indicated that she sent out emails to people with lockers
      2. No negative responses have been received
      3. Some members have requested locker space after they are moved
    4. 7:31 Managing Storage and Workspaces
      1. Lance asked how we define long-term and short-term projects
      2. Lance asked what the middle of the East Room should be used for
      3. Tom mentioned Lance's previous proposal to implement escalating floor rental rates
        1. Joe and others had concerns about the billing software
        2. Dan thought it sounded possible, but difficult and he is not capable of programming it
    5. 7:36 Intervals
      1. Tiffany felt that a 3 month period for long-term projects should be adequate
      2. Tom asked what do we do with a project that takes 3 months and 1 day?
      3. Tiffany suggested a one-time option to extend the storage for an additional 3 months
      4. Tom indicated he didn't care what the time periods were, just that they were consistent and enforceable
        1. Tiffany said no matter what we'll end up being subjective
        2. Tom felt without clear, concise guidelines we'll end up with 5 year-long projects
        3. Tom asked that whatever solution, that it be automatic and for everyone
        4. Lance was concerned that setting hard deadlines will risk booting someone out before they can finish
        5. Tiffany cited that we could always vote to exempt others on a case-by-case basis
        6. Tiffany cited that because the BOD previously voted to exempt Willie's boat project, that the vote meant we considered it storage and not an active project
          1. Others disagreed
          2. Tom and Lance indicated that Willie's boat project was grandfathered in and voted exempt from the other policies because those policies changed from when he first started
          3. Tom added that we made a commitment to Willie when he started his project and we should honor that
        7. Lance noted he liked the possibility of members taking on longer-term projects
        8. Tiffany again proposed long-term projects be limited to 3 months with a one-time option for a 3-month extension
        9. SteveP asked how frequently the BOD is approached about long-term projects or requests for project space
          1. Dan, Lance, and others noted it is almost weekly
    6. 7:42 East Room Project Space
      1. Lance asked if space in the middle of the East Room is ever available for free
        1. Tiffany and others said yes, with green parking permits
        2. Tiffany asked that the BOD help members determine where projects should be located
        3. Adrian asked about personal projects vs. group/space projects
        4. Adrian asked if other projects would be or have been grandfathered in like Willie's; perhaps the CNC projects
        5. Adrian noted those projects take up floor space
        6. Tiffany replied that those and other projects are considered group projects and are not private workspaces or storage
          1. Tom agreed and added that group projects will eventually benefit the space
          2. Lance agreed with Adrian and said he has some similar concerns
    7. 7:47 Other storage areas
      1. Tom asked how often the Women's Restroom Vestibule/Coat Room is used and could it be used for more Craft Lab Storage
      2. Tiffany was not opposed to the idea, but would prefer to keep men out of the women's room and vice versa
      3. Tom and Tiffany discussed possibly putting lockers or folding table storage in the Coat Rooms
    8. 7:48 Area Champions Adding Storage
      1. Lance asked what if Area Champions want to add public storage to their areas
      2. Lance asked if there would be any concerns if storage starting showing up in the West Room
      3. Joe was opposed and said it would create more clutter, less available space for equipment and supplies
        1. Lance suggested we hold off on addressing personal storage in workspaces until later
        2. Tom agreed
        3. Tiffany noted she wished to reverse her opinion; she could see how some members might take issue with personal storage kept in workspaces
        4. Steve asked what a members should do if they want to store something in an Area Champion's area vs. the East Room
        5. Tiffany replied that no one should be signing green parking permits for the East Room except Board Members
        6. Steve indicated that as an Area Champion, he does not want anyone storing things in the Wood Shop
        7. Tiffany reiterated she does not want anyone signing green parking permits for items in the East Room except Board Members and added the East Room does not have an Area Champion
        8. Tiffany explained that her concerns are that if Area Champions sign tickets for the East Room, the BOD will not be aware of them; the fewer people who can sign tickets, the better the BOD is kept aware of who has space reserved
        9. Lance noted that the goal here is to stop storing stuff in work areas and shops for long periods of time
    9. 7:50 Setup Work and Storage
      1. Vishal raised a concern about gluing and setting up work as some jobs are comprised of multiple steps which take longer than 24 hours total to complete
      2. Lexie asked if a signature is required on a green parking permit for the East Room
      3. Tiffany and others replied no, however the unsigned permit is only valid for 24 hours
      4. Lexie asked about projects in the East Room, who can sign for them so they can remain more than 24 hours?
      5. Tiffany gave an example of a sewing machine that was found in the East Room and moved to the Vault Hallway prior to Maker Faire
      6. Tiffany noted that the green parking permit on the sewing machine was signed by Lexie, but it belonged in the Craft Lab
      7. Tiffany said Lexie's signature is valid for items kept in the Craft Lab
      8. Tom stated he didn't care whose signature was on it, as long as the expiration date was observed; the time limits are the important part
      9. Vishal reiterated his earlier concern about gluing and set up work, adding that almost all of his woodworking projects would now need a Board Member signature
      10. Tiffany said that there is almost always a Board Member available
        1. Brant expressed doubt regarding that statement
      11. Brant asked Steve, as Wood Shop Area Champion, what projects he would sign off on
        1. Steve said small, desktop projects were more appropriate than large ones
        2. Tiffany, Lance, and Steve discussed members building things like shelving or furniture
        3. Tiffany cited a project currently in progress where their green parking permit is over one month old and the Member never approached the BOD or the Area Champion
    10. 7:58 Area Champions and Authority to Sign Parking Permits
      1. Brant asked if Area Champions could possibly sign for things in their respective areas AND the middle of the East Room
        1. Tiffany indicated that she wants the middle of the East Room dedicated to workspaces
        2. Tiffany said she envisioned rolling worktables and carts in the East Room, not storage
        3. Brant asked if the BOD should vote on Area Champions and their ability to sign parking passes
        4. Ultimately, the group agreed to table a vote until later in the evening
  4. 8:01 Proposed changes to the Green Parking Permit/Red Parking Ticket System
    1. Lance presented his proposed changes and read from the projector screen
    2. 8:02 Item 1
      1. Proposed text: “Any member can place a green parking ticket on their project. A green parking ticket not signed by a board member/area champion is good for 24 hours. This green ticket is intended for things like glue or paint drying or other critical, short-term, project states. It is the member's responsibility to try to put their project in an out the the way area when they place a green tag on it. Projects should not be green tagged unless it is a critical stage or the member expects to return in 12 hours or less. Working on a project every day does not mean that you have a right to have it on public work space when you are not there.”
        1. Tiffany asked if glue-ups take longer than 24 hours and if so, should the time period be extended to 48 hours
        2. Tom noted that enforcement and review of parking permits doesn't happen often enough for there to be a difference between 24 or 48 hours
        3. Lance said he expected these time periods to generate the most discussion
        4. Lance added that some Members have been known to “refresh” their green parking permits day after day to avoid putting items away
        5. Tom said he felt 12 hours would be too short of a time frame
        6. Dan was concerned about creating policies that inconvenience or frustrate good members who try to follow the rules
        7. Lance shared an anecdote regarding his schedule when working on the Maker Faire UFO and that he kept himself to 12 hours periods of time
        8. Tom suggested we add some text that explicitly says if a Member plans to return within 24 hours, they should put it away
        9. Adrian indicated that some members use the building during the day and others in the evening
        10. Adrian added that occasionally projects are set up during day hours and that leaves little space for others in the evening
        11. Tom said he believed members who expect to be away from the building should put their stuff away in their personal storage; transport items to and from their storage each day
        12. The group seemed to agree that green parking passes should only be used for critical stages of projects and not to leave things out in public work areas
    3. 8:10 Item 2
      1. “A green ticket can be signed by a board member or an area champion. That can extend the amount of time a project can be outside of private storage space. This would be for larger short-term projects. A green ticket signed by a board member or area champion should expire in no more than 2 weeks. It's the member's responsibility to try to put their project in an out of the way area so as to not interfere with other people and their projects. If the member feels they need more than 2 weeks to complete their project, they should approach the board about renting floor space.”
        1. Tiffany said some projects do take a full month to complete and that one month is a good duration
        2. Tiffany said she believed the BOD would address this better than Area Champions
        3. Tom said the 2 weeks was necessary to discourage people from getting 1 month of floor space or storage rent free
        4. Tom said he felt that projects always tend to take longer than 1 month, some people disagreed
        5. Tiffany added she didn't like anything less than 1 month
        6. Dan expressed concern that we have struggled to enforce even a 1 month rule
        7. Vishal asked how this would apply to Power Wheels projects
          1. Tom said Power Wheels people would need to work on their cars within the Power Wheels work area, otherwise they are subject to the same rules as everyone else
          2. Lance agreed that Power Wheels cars should always be stored in the Power Wheels area
          3. Dan agreed and asked that the welding area not be destroyed every summer
          4. Vishal said he was fine with using 2 weeks as the rule because he expects us to be lax in enforcing it anyway
            1. Dan, Tiffany, and others expressed concern at this assessment
            2. Dan said we should not be creating rules we don't intend to enforce
          5. The group ultimately agreed that 4 weeks was adequate time, not 2 weeks
          6. Tiffany added that members should work with Area Champions to find good locations to locate these sorts of projects
          7. Tom asked if we wanted to offer any sort of extension
            1. Tom suggested Members be required to email the group if they intend to keep something in public space longer than 24 hours
          8. Tom noted if Members were required to email the group, Tiffany would have less work to do
            1. Tom added this could be an extension of the current policy; green parking permits would still need to be signed off by the right people
            2. Tom also suggested we don't consider a permit valid until the email is sent, otherwise any Member would be capable of pulling the item into the Impound Lot
            3. Tom also suggested a Google Form be set up to allow Members to notify others automatically
            4. Adrian noted that some Members either don't check the mailing lists
            5. Joe and others suggested the Area Champions/BOD help Members complete the computer parts
            6. Joe suggested computer kiosks be set up for people to print their own green parking passes on demand, as they need them
              1. The group was generally in favor of such a set up
            7. Tiffany said she envisioned short term projects would stay on tables or rolling carts in the East Room
              1. Lance said he would prefer tables be used in work areas
              2. Lance indicated that he wants Members to consider how to best store projects before they begin working on them
            8. Joe asked if parking permits could be written to coincide with invoicing for dues and rental spaces
              1. Joe asked if parking permits could always start on the first of the month
              2. Tom said the 2 week limit discussed previously would seldom span over 2 calendar months
              3. Lance noted a signed green parking permit expires immediately 30 days after the date on the permit
              4. Tom said that any permit that expires before the end of a month should be charged for the floor rental space anyway since it was there
              5. Both Joe and Lance agreed that they want to keep billing simple and handle dues and rental spaces the same way
              6. Joe would like to have both dues and rentals all on the same invoice for any given Member
              7. Lance stated he would want any permit that expires on the 16th of a month or later to buy rental space for the upcoming month, similar to how we give people the remainder of a month when they sign up
              8. Joe was concerned about an increase in Members contacting him, confusion about extra items on their invoices
              9. Lance said we could encourage Members with questions to email the info@ account and not Joe specifically
              10. Ultimately the group agreed dues and rentals should be handled the same way to simplify billing and invoicing for everyone
    4. 8:31 Item 3
      1. “Red tickets can be placed on any project, tool or item in public space by any member. A red ticket identifies that it is taking up public space without any notification of how long it will be there or whose it is. Upon placing a red ticket on an item, the board should be notified of the ticket. Ideally, this would be an e-mail with a picture of the project attached.”
        1. Tiffany and Tom discussed which mailing list should be used
          1. The group agreed the Member's Only list would be most effective
        2. This section was reworded slightly during the discussion
        3. Joe raised a concern about Members who want to take a photo, but don't have a camera
          1. Lance suggested Members ask each other to help take photos or Area Champions or BOD could do it for them
          2. Joe and others suggested a Photo-Bot be created for this purpose
    5. 8:34 Item 4
      1. “The board will send an e-mail to the members-only list (or to the announcement list) on a weekly basis with pictures/documentation of all red-tagged projects. No names/owners will be listed(if known), but it will become public information which projects are red tagged.”
        1. Lance felt this section was rendered moot by the previous discussion and it should be deleted
        2. It was agreed that a digest of Impounded Items would be made available at regular intervals and that the info could reside on the wiki
        3. It was not clear how the MMS-Annoucement list should be used
          1. Some Board Members felt it was for only Members while others thought any one, public included, could join it
          2. Brant said it is open for anyone to join, but we originally populated it based on the Member's Only List subscribers
    6. 8:36 Item 5
      1. “Red-tagged projects, if un-claimed within 1 week, will be moved to an “impound lot” - an area in the space defined for red tagged projects. “Claiming” a red-tagged item can be as simple as sending an e-mail to the board saying “hey, I forgot to put that away, it's mine, I’ll move it when I get in next (or can you please move it to…)”. Preferably the member would move the item themselves. Obviously the board/members should try their best to be understanding of unexpected hardships(car accident, etc.).”
        1. Lance indicated that he wanted the total duration from start of ticket to disposal to not exceed 1 month
        2. Lance believed with the current system we are only giving Members 1 week after a red ticket expires before the item is junked
        3. Everyone agreed that green parking permits should automatically become red tickets once they expire
        4. Lance proposed that once a green parking permit expires, the item should sit as-is for 1 week, then be moved to the Impound Lot
        5. Lance and Tom agreed that the 1 month begins as soon as the green parking permit expires or the date when a red ticket is issued
    7. 8:42 MattN entered the meeting and informed the group that a cable on the Kuka spindle had been intentionally cut off
      1. MattN was visibly upset and expressed his frustration to the BOD and those present
      2. Tom claimed responsibility for cutting the cable, but that was so he could leave Matt the connector
      3. Tom indicated that it was his cable and he had decided to take back the motor drive he was loaning to the Kuka spindle
      4. MattN left and the meeting continued
    8. 8:49 Item 6
      1. “Red-tagged projects in the impound lot will get moved to the hack rack or garbage after 3-4 weeks in the impound area.”
        1. This section was merged with others above and reworded.
    9. 8:51 Item 7
      1. “If a member receives more than 3 red tags in a quarter, they will get a public warning.”
        1. This section was merged with others above and reworded.
      2. VOTE: 7 Board Members approved this new policy
        1. The BOD agreed that the policy will go into effect 2 weeks after the Membership is notified (this has yet to be sent to the Membership)
  5. 8:55 Area Champions
    1. The group asked to table this discussion since the meeting had run long
    2. Tiffany indicated she had suggestions for how to best define Area Champions duties
    3. Brant reiterated the vote proposed earlier: Should Area Champions be able to sign green parking permits for their respective areas as well as extend their authority to sign permits for the middle of the East Room?
    4. VOTE: 5 Board Members approved, 2 rejected (Vishal and Tiffany)
      1. Tiffany expressed concern over this policy creating more work for her
      2. Lance and others agreed to review in one month and assess its impact
  6. 8:58 Future Board Meeting Dates
    1. Once or twice monthly considered
    2. Lance suggested we meet once per month with the option to meet a second time if the first meeting runs long
    3. Dan suggested we divide the Board Meeting Agenda into two parts and handle some items during the first meeting each month and the remainder in the second meeting
      1. Vishal expressed concern that plan may be hard to focus and execute
    4. The group asked for everyone's availability
      1. Most agreed that we should meet on Thursdays
      2. Weekends were not preferable
    5. Making the meeting time earlier was suggested
      1. 6:00 or 6:30 were both considered
    6. VOTE: Board Meetings shall occur on the 3rd Thursday of each month
      1. Starting at 6:30pm
      2. With the option to hold a meeting immediately the following Thursday should the agenda necessitate it
    7. All 7 Board Members approved
  7. 9:04 Maker Faire 2015 Planning
    1. JimK addressed the Board
      1. Jim noted he was not looking for a vote on anything right now
      2. Jim would like to see more Makerspace support for content at the next Maker Faire
        1. Plan for 2015 and years in the future also
        2. Maybe just our booth, not the whole fair
        3. Interactive content preferred
        4. Jim said this could be handled by MMS and separate from the Joint Maker Faire Planning Group itself
        5. Tom asked if Jim if the support he was looking for should come from the BOD specifically
          1. Jim said he felt the organization should take charge of their own presence at the Faire
          2. Possibly a standing committee with a clear mission
        6. Jim noted the possibility of allocating some space to store Makerspace Faire items, projects
        7. Tom asked if the Members should do it or the Board should do it
          1. Tom asked if Jim was looking for permission to recruit the people
          2. Jim indicated he wants to be involved, but is unsure about leading it himself
        8. Brant agreed with Jim that Makerspace efforts could be more coordinated next year
        9. Vishal said the BOD can only provide support by way of funding or communicate/recruiting
        10. Vishal didn’t think Jim needed permission to recruit others to help
        11. Lance shared his personal opinions
          1. Lance noted he felt very eager and excited for Maker Faire
          2. Lance agreed the Makerspace itself should consider offering personal storage and/or project storage for the Maker Faire
        12. Definitive plans are needed in order for the Board to approve funds
        13. BOD has not been opposed to helping others, but does not do a lot of it on their own
        14. Lance agreed that this needs a leader outside of the BOD
      3. JimK said this is good direction, especially on approval for funding
      4. Tom said “go forth and be maker-ish”
      5. Dan asked for proposals with details such as dollar amounts, budgets, square footages, locations in a corner of a room, etc.
      6. Lance said like Area Champions, someone can “elect” themselves
      7. Jim indicated he wants representation from many groups within the Makerspace
      8. Joe noted that this could be shortsighted
        1. We should think beyond just Maker Faire
        2. Future parades and events mentioned
  8. 9:12 KathyC addressed the Board
    1. Kathy asked if Makerspace planned to host and/or co-host Maker Faire next year
    2. Brant noted a distinction between Members volunteering and the BOD supporting/hosting it
      1. Funding noted as a main differentiator
    3. Kathy feels Makerspace should do more next year if they choose to co-host again
      1. Some ideas mentioned:
        1. Invitations to all groups
        2. Wrap up party
        3. Funding components of the Fair itself
        4. Continuing to take responsibility for a major art piece or fixture
      2. Tom agreed:
        1. Makerspace to host a party Saturday night
        2. An art piece for event
        3. Hosting meetings for planning
        4. Nerdy derby mentioned as an example
    4. Kathy indicated she doesn’t want to be the one to create the parameters
    5. Jim said we had just told him the BOD can’t do anything itself moments ago
      1. Tom mentioned levels of commitment and an outline of the process
        1. First, go recruit and generate content
        2. Second, the BOD reviews, negotiates, and approves it
      2. Vishal agreed, adding we cannot have nebulous things to vote on
    6. Kathy said our volunteers are great
    7. Kathy noted that hosted by two organizations keeps it more true to a maker faire
      1. Diversity of ideas and exhibits
      2. Event is not dominated by one set of ideals or a single motif
      3. Great for community also, shows collaboration is going on
      4. Hoping to get more members making and showing rather than doing administrative stuff
    8. Lance said keeping the status quo isn’t enough for next year, he understands that
    9. Vishal said our name has been attached to the Faire and we should support it
    10. Kathy C said the 2015 application is needed soon
      1. She will be in contact with people this weekend
      2. BOD offered help as needed
  9. 9:28 ChrisH's IT Help
    1. Dan noted that ChrisH currently has access to the BOD Google drive and a key to IT closet for emergencies
    2. Dan and Chris both work on the IT infrastructure
    3. Both men recommend there not be only one person with all of the access and knowledge of our systems
    4. VOTE: Should ChrisH be allowed to retain his access priviledges and physical key to the IT Closet for a minimum of one year? (future Board will review again next year)
      1. All 7 Board Members approved
  10. 9:30 SteveP asked that some Wood Shop tools be allowed in
    1. Steve presented photos of some tools in two toolboxes
    2. VOTE: Should these woodworking tools be allowed into the Wood Shop?
      1. All 7 Board Members approved
  11. 9:32 ChrisH asked that notices regarding monthly invoicing not be sent to the MMS-Announcements group
    1. No vote taken, but group generally agreed
  1. Items that were tabled; not discussed at this meeting:
    1. Policies and Procedures:
      1. Proxy voting discussion (added by Brant based on BOD discussion)
      2. Vote to authorize funds for business cards (added by Brant)
      3. Area Champions Discussion - Their responsibilities & authority (Lance and Tiffany both had comments/thoughts to discuss)
    2. Check on progress of Member Projects:
      1. 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter (Added by Brant, ask JoeR)
      2. 4×8 CNC Router (Added by Brant, ask SteveP)
      3. Kuka (MattN sent update to BOD via email prior to meeting)
      4. David H. requested space for “Misty Field” project
        1. Is this a group project or a member project?
      5. RA-1F Vertical Mill (Added by Brant, ask Tom/Joe)
      6. Rich H. requested space for machine shop desk/tooling (added by Brant based on BOD discussion)
    3. Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects:
      1. How are we doing on moving people out of east room, implementing rate increases?
      2. Snow Removal (added by Brant, prompted by Adrian)
    4. Other:
      1. Do we want to add Harrison Metals on our website as a sponsor? (added by Brant, asking Lance/Tom, was this just with regard to Maker Faire?)
      2. Adoption of Official BOD Seal/Logo? (added by Brant)

Board Meeting Agenda for October 23rd, 2014

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox

  • 5 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.
  • All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.
  1. Legal/Financial:
    1. Treasurer's Report (JoeR)
  2. Policies and Procedures:
    1. Floor Rental Spaces (added by Brant based on BOD discussion)
    2. Area Champions (who suggested this?)
      1. Responsibilities - what is expected of them?
      2. Authority - what can they do?
    3. Storage policy revisions (added by Brant, Lance's proposal)
      1. Proposed Parking Ticket/Pass System
      2. Enforcement
    4. Proxy voting discussion (added by Brant based on BOD discussion)
      1. Do we want to keep or eliminate it?
      2. Pros? Cons?
      3. By-Laws revisions would be required to eliminate them
    5. Vote to authorize funds for business cards (added by Brant)
      1. Lance, Tiffany requested
      2. Any other Board Members?
      3. 250? 500 each sound good?
  3. Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects:
    1. Chris Hemmerly's access to Server Room (Added by Lance)
    2. How are we doing on moving people out of east room, implementing rate increases?
    3. Snow Removal (added by Brant, prompted by Adrian)
  4. Check on progress of Member Projects:
    1. 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutter (Added by Brant, ask JoeR)
    2. 4×8 CNC Router (Added by Brant, ask SteveP)
    3. Kuka (Added by Brant, ask MattN)
    4. David H. requested space for “Misty Field” project
      1. Is this a group project or a member project?
    5. RA-1F Vertical Mill (Added by Brant, ask Tom/Joe)
  5. New equipment/donations:
    1. Rich H. requested space for machine shop desk/tooling (added by Brant based on BOD discussion)
  6. Events:
    1. Maker Faire 2014 Wrap-up
    2. Maker Faire 2015 Makerspace plans (Jim Kelly)
    3. Future Board Meetings (added by Brant)
      1. Bi-weekly or monthly?
      2. Discuss dates
  7. Any topics from members who are present
    1. Do we want to add Harrison Metals on our website as a sponsor? (added by Brant, asking Lance/Tom, was this just with regard to Maker Faire?)
    2. Adoption of Official BOD Seal/Logo? (added by Brant)
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