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Board Meeting Notes for April 24, 2014

  1. Meeting started at 7:30 (Brant was late from work, the others agreed to wait for him)
  2. Pete and MattW could not attend, gave their proxies to Brant and Dan respectively
  3. Legal/Financial:
    1. 7:35 - Treasurer's Report for March 2014
      1. Joe said he could have one ready by this weekend
    2. 7:37 - Posting Treasurer's Reports for members
      1. Brant noted we haven't shared a report with the members since November
      2. The group was OK with Joe posting it as soon as it was done, did not need to review a draft
  4. Policies and Procedures:
    1. 7:40 - Complete voting on revised member/space projects policy (currently in progress)
      1. The revised policy stalled and died last month, Tom reintroduced it on the BOD mailing list
      2. Intent:
        1. Encourage members to get support from others before they start a project
        2. Multiple member involvement should increase the speed at which projects are completed
        3. Produce useful, practical tools for the group to use
        4. Reduce the likelihood of projects getting delayed and taking up space
      3. Policy describes a procedure for members who want to build a tool for the space:
        1. Project will be approved by the Board prior to beginning work
        2. Member or members will pay rent for floor space while they work
        3. Upon completion of project, member(s) will train people in its operation/use
        4. The Board will reimburse member(s) for rent, one month at a time, until all has been repaid
      4. Prior to this meeting, four votes had been received online
        1. Tom and Brant voted yes
        2. Joe and Dan voted no
      5. Joe explained he would like raise the cost of rent to dissuade members from storing items
      6. Tom believed Joe's approach was combining two unrelated topics
      7. Dan and Chris discussed how parking permits work currently
        1. Without a board member signature, a permit is only good for 24 hours
        2. With a signature, it is valid for 30 days
        3. Group tool projects that have not been presented to the Board and approved, should be considered personal projects and be worked on for 30 days or less
        4. This is what currently applies to the HMMMMM as well as the proposed sandblasting cabinet
      8. Ultimately the vote failed to pass (4 no's, 3 yes's)
  5. Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects:
    1. 8:12 - Garden Proposed
      1. Tiffany and Lucy championing idea
      2. Tiffany presented a draft plan at the meeting
      3. Time-frame: could be set up over one or two weekends
      4. She would like to include elements of the space such as metal and wood work
      5. Approximately 10'x5' area to be used
      6. Tom asked that champions research city easement rules
      7. North side of building was suggested, but is very shaded, east side of lot may be better suited
      8. Tiffany noted area under transformer on Otjen does get some sun, would like to start there
      9. The group agreed on modular planters rather than anything in ground
      10. Trial planters for one year to gauge success of any larger projects in the future
      11. No specific budget proposed at this time
      12. VOTE: Board conditionally approved the project pending easements and other details TBD
    2. 8:20 - New Gas Line Install
      1. Fund matching was board approved, but amount was unclear (either $88 or $178, we made some money from recycled material)
      2. Tom suggested if there's trepidation on the higher amount, Dan simply request the lower amount
      3. Dan agreed and requested $88 and the Board approved
      4. VOTE: Board approved to reimburse Dan $88 for forge gas piping
  6. Check on progress of Member Projects:
    1. 8:23 - Powder Coating Unit (Bowman)
      1. Almost done
      2. Stove in East Room currently
      3. Training soon to be available
      4. Rick suggested storing it in Paint Booth when not in use
        1. Tom and Brant noted safety/fire concerns
        2. It can't be powered up in Paint Booth anyway, no outlet for that style plug
        3. It would be used in the Welding Area (special power connection required)
    2. 8:25 - CNC Router (Hagopian,Pilon)
      1. Group discussed final location in wood shop
        1. Will it replace the existing 30“x24” router?
        2. How will it be oriented in the room?
        3. Table saw and work table will likely need to move
        4. Group suggested Vishal, EdH, and others should discuss and review
    3. 8:28 - CNC Plasma Cutter (JRod)
      1. Progress being made with CNCMogul parts
      2. Group discussed its final location on the west wall by welders
      3. Joe suggested it sit perpendicular to the wall
    4. 8:30 - HMMMMM
      1. Membership seems to believe it is a personal project and not a group tool
      2. Unclear how often it is really used
      3. Board already agreed it should be removed from the space
      4. Lucy expressed interest in helping store it off-site
      5. Group agreed to ask Kevin remove it in 30 days
    5. 8:33 - KevinC's Sandblasting Cabinet
      1. Has not yet been approved by the Board, should be considered a personal project
      2. Several members are interested in a larger sandblasting cabinet, but many are not convinced this is the right solution
      3. Not clear on sustainability, how parts will wear out after prolonged use
      4. It is fixed to the rolling table now
      5. Some suggested it was too tall for them to comfortably use, may need steps/stool
      6. It could use a second window, only half is really usable right now
      7. It takes up roughly 3'x7'
  7. New equipment/donations:
    1. 8:35 - BillW offered a replacement saw for the panel saw if needed
    2. 8:38 - Metal finishing area discussed
      1. Board asked for someone to champion this
      2. BillW said he would speak with others and between himself, Hiram and RichB they would find a champion
      3. Relocating the metal rack away from the Kuka was also suggested
        1. Brant noted that MattN had recently asked about this as well
  8. Events:
    1. 8:41 - Good Neighbor Block Party (pick a date and organize it)
      1. Intent is to introduce ourselves to the neighbors
        1. Give tours
        2. Make a good impression
        3. Alleviate conflicts and concerns in future
        4. Be personable
        5. Show we're not some faceless business
      2. Date/Time:
        1. Lance had previously suggested May 10th or 24th
        2. The group discussed various dates including during Tuesday meetings and not
        3. Decisions made:
          1. Event held on May 21st, 6-10pm
          2. Invites need to go out by April 30th
          3. We request that neighbors RSVP by May 14th so we can gauge attendance
      3. Parking is important if many members/guests show up
        1. Don't want to cause more problems
        2. Majority of guests should be walking from nearby anyway
        3. Possibly ask Library or McDonalds for some spots
      4. Invite should include activities that highlight what goes on in the building
        1. “See people forging, see people woodworking, see welding, see pottery, etc..”
      5. Food and details TBD
      6. Volunteers needed to give tours, answer questions, and do demos
    2. 9:00 - Chris and others discussed providing food on Improvement Days
      1. Intent to reward/encourage participation
      2. Suggested a cap on funds we could spend each month for food/drink
        1. Either total (i.e. $100 max per event) or max per person
      3. No decision made at this time
  9. Any topics from members who are present
    1. 9:03 - ChrisH noted Door 2 has a loose strike
    2. 9:04 - ChrisH requested funds for misc. network gear including more cable, jacks, RJ-45 plugs, etc.
      1. The group suggested he send an email to the member's list first to try and get material donated
    3. 9:05 - Wall to separate IT rack from Photo Booth discussed
      1. Tom and Joe suggested finding a way to lock the rack doors
      2. Chris and Brant wanted to build a wall, door, or partition to divide the spaces
      3. Partition would also be part of photo booth, not just for security/limiting access
      4. Tentative decision was to only make a divider to help support the photo booth and find a way to lock cabinet doors

Board Meeting Agenda for April 24, 2014

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox

  • 5 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.
  • All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.
  1. Legal/Financial:
    1. Treasurer's Report for March 2014
    2. Posting Treasurer's Reports for members
  2. Policies and Procedures:
    1. Complete voting on revised member/space projects policy (currently in progress)
  3. Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects:
    1. New Gas Line Install - Fund Matching (board approved, but amount may be in question?)
  4. Check on progress of Member Projects:
    1. Powder Coating Unit (Bowman)
    2. CNC Router (Hagopian,Pilon)
    3. CNC Plasma Cutter (JRod)
    4. HMMMMM
    5. KevinC's Sandblasting Cabinet
  5. New equipment/donations:
  6. Events:
    1. Good Neighbor Block Party (pick a date and organize it)
  7. Any topics from members who are present
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