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Board Meeting Minutes for March 27, 2014

  1. 7:10 - Legal/Financial:
    1. Review Treasurer's Report for February 2014
      1. JoeR indicated that the income shown for February was higher than average and we should not assume it to be typical
      2. It was also noted that the new dues structure will appear on the next report since it began in March, not February
      3. JoeR, Tom and others discussed asking for volunteers to shovel and plow next winter due to the costs of a professional plow service
  2. 7:18 - Policies and Procedures:
    1. Revisions to the By-Laws on hold
      1. Tom noted that there will be some necessary changes to the By-Laws when our non-profit application is approved
      2. The previously proposed revisions will be worked into a final draft in the future
    2. 7:20 - Tom suggested that new members undergo a probationary period
      1. Tom indicated that during the probationary period new members would not be allowed to reorganize or modify parts of the building
      2. New members would also need to attend an orientation class
      3. Tom and others noted that all members should attend an orientation class eventually
        1. It was not clear if the Board should track who has and has not attended classes
      4. Tom and Joe discussed requiring both a probationary period and attending orientation class
      5. Brant and Pete discussed how this policy may discourage new members from volunteering
      6. The group noted that no one, current or new, should rearrange tools/machines without consideration for others and a probationary period would help that
      7. Pete, Tom, and Joe noted that if a new member is excited, they should work with others before taking on a huge task or reorganization project by themselves. This would also help them learn from current members and meet new people.
      8. The Board did agree to encourage all members to attend orientation classes
    3. 7:25 - Tom, Brant, and others discussed the need to remind people of the parking pass system
    4. 7:27 - Tom suggested to Pete that ReminderBot be set up to post a “rule of the week” email
      1. Pete and Dan discussed how to accomplish this best
      2. Pete requested a database or list of rules be written to pull from; Brant volunteered
    5. 7:28 - Tom and others suggested the Allen-Bradley LED displays be used as exterior building signs
      1. Tom suggested that the color of the text alternate from red to green depending on the day of the week
      2. The color could be used as a secret code for members to indicate which side of the street to park on
    6. 7:34 - VOTE: Do we want to require a 90-day probationary period for new members?
      1. 6 votes yes and ChrisH abstained
      2. The implementation is still to be determined, but the Board agrees on the spirit of the policy and its intent
  3. 7:36 - Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects:
    1. Forging/Casting/Hack Rack reorg in West Room (Dan)
      1. 99% completed
      2. Intent of reorganization was to avoid/deter accumulation of random junk
      3. Many compliments and few concerns noted from others so far
      4. Dan noted that he and at least two other members have hit their heads on the large chimes over the forge
        1. Dan and Jake would like to find a new place for them
        2. They were relocated to the north hallway by the Craft Lab after the meeting
    2. 7:40 - Gas line for Forge
      1. Pipe has arrived and is being stored on the floor in the West Room
      2. It will take about 3 days to install and weld
      3. Scissors lift might block the welders for a day or two
      4. Board will send an email to the members about any work that blocks tools or work surfaces
      5. BillW and Tom spoke about the gas valve for service outside garage door
      6. Will use two valves in series to shut off outside service from inside
    3. 7:42 - Wired Network Upgrades
      1. ChrisH, JoeB, Lance, MattW, and others involved
      2. Step 1 was completed last Sunday
        1. All network equipment moved to rack at far end of room, consolidated with access controls
        2. New security camera DVR added to rack
        3. 96-port patch panel added
        4. Allocations planned for specific items
        5. Panel will have room reserved for 32 cameras, even if we don't need it
        6. Everything works off RJ-45
      3. Step 2
        1. Camera locations
          1. Brant shared a sketch of the floor plan
          2. Chris and Lance have some other locations in mind
          3. Will review outside of this meeting
        2. Chris didn't see any need to mothball the existing camera DVR, just let it keep running
        3. Additional phone locations planned
        4. Continue rewiring existing data jacks
      4. Step 3/Future Plans
        1. Replace WAPs with better equipment
        2. Goal to support both 2.4 and 5 GHz connections
        3. Likely ~$250 per WAP or so according to Chris, will be discussed more in the coming months
    4. 7:44 - Rain barrels was briefly discussed
      1. A significant amount of water would have to be collected to reduce our sewer/storm usage
      2. No one has stepped up as a leader for this project
      3. The Board is not interested in pursuing this unless another member takes it on
  4. 7:50 - Check on progress of Member Projects:
    1. 7:50 - Powder Coating Unit (RichB)
      1. Board approved earlier this week
      2. Working out details and location now
    2. 7:50 - Awnings at doors
      1. Tom has wanted to put awnings over doors 1, 2, and 3 for awhile now
        1. Better protection of doors and access control boxes from the elements
        2. Improved safety/convenience for people entering/exiting
      2. Permitting likely needed with city
      3. Professionally installed awnings may cost hundreds or thousands
      4. Lighting also desired
      5. A retractable awning at the garage has been discussed in the past
        1. More of a wish list item than anything else
        2. The hope is that it would allow casting/forging in poor weather
    3. 7:52 - CNC Router (EdH,SteveP)
      1. SteveP said Ed's been busy, but progress is being made
      2. Currently working on Y-axis parts
    4. 7:54 - CNC Plasma Cutter (JRod)
      1. To be completed April 30th, 2014 - Tentative
      2. Joe is waiting on parts ordered from China
    5. 7:57 - HMMMMM
      1. The Board considered:
        1. Is it a tool for everyone or a personal project?
        2. Who is trained on it? KevinB but not clear who else
        3. Is it taking up floor space that would be used by other members?
      2. Should the Board vote that it stay or go or should the members?
        1. Tom noted there's a precedent with the Darkroom
        2. It was taking up space and no one championed it, so it was removed
        3. VOTE: Should we put it before the members to decide if it is a tool for everyone or a personal project?
    6. 8:00 - 40 watt laser cutter
      1. Only JasonG and 2 others have been trained on it
      2. Not clear if those 2 people can train others
      3. Jason did offer a training session, but it sounds like it was poorly attended
      4. Brant said he'd request another training session and post to the member's only list
    7. 8:07 - KevinC's Sandblasting Cabinet
      1. There's an old door on the table with clamps in the east room
      2. Tom emailed the list on Tuesday about it
      3. Kevin replied that the parking pass had fell off it and it was intended for a sandblasting cabinet for group use
      4. The Board was not contacted about it and it's not clear if any other members are in favor of it
      5. Pete noted that the table is clamped to might also be KevinC's personal work surface, which many people had not heard before
      6. MattW raised concerns about how well the cabinet would be sealed
      7. Tom also noted the wood will need to be replaced eventually as the sand would eat it
      8. MattW said he would ask KevinC for plans/intent and review it with him
    8. 8:12 - BillW and others mentioned the desire for larger sandblasting cabinet
      1. The Board asked for more details when they are available and to consider soliciting donations from members
  5. 8:13 - New equipment/donations:
    1. 8:13 - Stake Anvil stand in forging area (Dan)
      1. Dan explained that Jake and 2 other members were OK with it, but he wanted to bring it before the Board also
      2. There were no objections noted
    2. 8:15 - BillW wants to bring in his desktop arbor press
      1. VOTE: Board approved arbor press
      2. Location TBD
    3. 8:16 - Wood lathe offered by JoeR
      1. 48“ long, 2 HP motor
      2. Also a 6” wide belt sander and 10“ disc sander unit offered
      3. VOTE: Board approved both tools
      4. Joe also noted that his metal horizontal bandsaw had been used for cutting wood recently, the coolant was off
    4. 8:20 - Final location of the 4×8 router TBD
      1. The intent discussed was to replace the current CNC router in the wood shop
      2. The new 4×8 router would need to be oriented north-south along the long axis to fit in the room
      3. It was previously suggested the panel saw be moved into the Kuka enclosure, however it will not be possible to rip 8 foot long stock in that space, the overrun is too limited
    5. 8:21 - Pete mentioned a possible material/tool donation from MartyE, he will send to the Board mailing list
    6. 8:23 - Tiffany and others would like to build a jeweler's bench and locate it in the west room
      1. Near the metal shop tools would be ideal
      2. Tiffany said she would email the Board with plans/notes
    7. 8:25 - BretD is looking for an etching press
      1. Pete and others said we might have one already, will look after the meeting
  6. 8:27 - Events:
    1. Hardware Hackathon
      1. RyanK would like to host some of it at MMS
      2. Looking for MMS liaison to work with RyanK
      3. Brant will post to the public mailing list for volunteers
    2. Television show filming (Pete)
      1. Email has been posted to the member's list
  7. 8:30 - Any topics from members who are present
    1. 8:32 - BillW mentioned he would like a shop vac dedicated to the current sandblasting cabinet
    2. 8:32 - KarenP asked about getting power for a ceramics kiln she'd like to bring in
      1. Tom referred her to DeboraLynn to coordinate efforts
      2. There are already plans to have power installed for a kiln
    3. 8:34 - KarenP requested a light be added to the north door (door 1)
      1. Safety concerns
        1. Stairs are dangerous in the dark
        2. The bushes block light from street
      2. Tom and others noted there may be a street light out on that side of the building
      3. Brant said he would check into it and maybe call WE Energies

Board Meeting Agenda for March 27, 2014 (Rescheduled from the 20th)

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox

  • 5 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.
  • All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.
  1. Legal/Financial:
    1. Review Treasurer's Report for February 2014
  2. Policies and Procedures:
  3. Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects:
    1. Forging/Casting/Hack Rack reorg in West Room (Dan)
    2. Gas line for Forge
      1. Pipe has arrived?
    3. Wired Network Upgrades
      1. Possible camera locations 2013-03-27_lenox_phones_cameras.pdf
      2. Additional phone locations
  4. Check on progress of Member Projects:
    1. Powder Coating Unit (Bowman)
    2. CNC Router (Hagopian,Pilon)
    3. CNC Plasma Cutter (JRod)
      1. To be completed April 30th, 2014 - Tentative
    4. HMMMMM
    5. KevinC's Sandblasting Cabinet?
  5. New equipment/donations:
    1. Stake Anvil stand in forging area (Dan)
  6. Events:
    1. Hardware Hackathon
      1. RyanK would like to host some/all of it at MMS
      2. Looking for MMS liaison to work with RyanK
    2. Television show filming (Pete)
  7. Any topics from members who are present
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