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       - ...       - ...
   - Any topics from members who are present   - Any topics from members who are present
 +====== Notes ======
 +  - Legal/​Financial:​
 +    - Treasurer'​s Report – available next week
 +      - Note Bylaws specify an annual treasurers report
 +    - Discussion of need to set a threshold for the balance of the accounts above which discussion has occurred regarding reducing fulltime members to the part time rate at which point everyone becomes a fulltime member. ​ Then we can either discuss reducing everyone’s rate or we could start funding some projects or equipment. ​ At this time we don’t have that threshold identified. ​ Are there other plans for the money above the threshold? ​ See next item regarding area budget for 2014.  No motion or vote taken
 +    - Allowing Buggs to deal with donations
 +      - Envelopes/​Bank Bags matching donation boxes – TBD – rename the donation boxes to “Supply Fund” so there is no implication that this $ belongs to MoMi and therefore can only be distributed by the Treasurer
 +      - Work with Area Leads to develop a policy description for their “supply fund” to defing consumables/​repair parts e.g. welding wire or motor brushes, etc.
 +        - Expectation is the receipt contains ONLY the item(s) for which reimbursement is being requested.
 +      - Board OK’d only the offer to allow Buggs to manage Member Project and large Equipment fundraising/​donations under the assumption these $ are not MoMi funds.
 +  - Discussion on Shop Area budgeting for 2014
 +    - Communicate to Area Leads that we’d like them to develop and submit a budget for 2014, this would include any requests for funding from the space, NOT the “Supply Fund”  ​
 +      - Buggs offered to talk to Area Leads as he discusses consumables/​repair parts descriptions for their areas.
 +  - Policies and Procedures:
 +    - Replacing door handles (unlocked only by key, normally locked)
 +      - Tom provided an estimate of $75 @ to replace door handles, Matt suggested tig welding over them at no cost.  Tom will disassemble one to determine if tig weld will render the twist knob inoperable without otherwise affecting the lock.
 +      - Recruit Royce for a solution to locked door on public nights. Events would then need to be scheduled with the software to operate properly.
 +      - Key code access for key fob locked inside
 +    - Replaced door latch tamper covers (Door #3 already done, TomGz working on others)
 +    - Clarify '​kids'​ policy. Discussion Tabled for future meeting.
 +      - Nobody under 10 y/o is policy, everyone must enforce the rule
 +      - Quad copter, Razor Skooter, etc have been operated within the space, afterward members realized it may not have been a good decision at the time.
 +      - A policy proposal will be developed (spearheaded by Bret Daniel w/ assistance from Jason Gessner) and brought to the next board meeting for discussion.
 +    - Review proposed By-Laws changes – Tabled
 +      - Multiple proposals will be reviewed for overlap and resent to board members.
 +    - Clarification that if someone cannot carry it in the door it needs to go before the board.
 +    - New equipment/​donations:​
 +      - None
 +    - Events:
 +      - Promoting Space Improvement/​Cleanup Day
 +        - Next one 7/28, same as Maker Faire Detroit, may impact attendance
 +        - Can we set up automated Reminderbot emails to member'​s only group?
 +        - Yes! — Pete Prodoehl 2013/07/18 15:43
 +      - Fix it event – Aug 10 noon to 4:00 pm @ MoMi ??? - Pete will highlight post to the email group highlighting this
 +  - Any topics from members who are present
 +    - just a note from Tony on Milwaukee Makerfest. ​ Suggested highlighting the donation forms via School Factory. ​ Board to send Tony some info on that.
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