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Board Meeting Agenda for May 16, 2013

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox

  • 10 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.
  • All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.
  1. Legal/Financial:
    1. Status of Liability Policy & Equipment Forms (Brant)
      1. This has taken way too long and needs to get resolved ASAP
      2. We need to account for what people have brought in and get paperwork signed
    2. Petty Cash/Donation Jars (Brant)
      1. School Factory response summarized:
        1. keep it on the books, account for it
        2. don't worry about counting it as a formal donation
      2. Proposed approach:
        1. 1. People drop money into the boxes i.e. make donations
        2. 2. The Board then collects that money at regular intervals, logs it, and sets it aside or deposits it (see below)
        3. 3. When a consumable or some other supplies are needed, an area champion or other member notifies the Board and requests funds from the donation jar fund
        4. 4. The Board confers privately and has 48 hours to approve or reject the request (we could come up with a list of items that are no-brainers i.e. welding gases, welding wire, paper towels, TP, soda, etc.)
        5. 5. If approved, the person goes out and purchases what they asked for, submits a receipt to the Board, and the Board reimburses them (either check or cash, preferably check for bookkeeping purchases)
        6. 6. If rejected, the Board will justify the reason (i.e. no precedent, other substitute materials available, etc.)
      3. Questions:
        1. Do we keep the money separate by area it was donated to or combine it into one big pot?
        2. Do we keep the money on site or separate from our checking account?
  2. Policies and Procedures:
    1. Do the members need to vote to change the bylaws, thereby allowing the board to change the bylaws? (Kevin)
    2. New Member Vetting (Brant)
      1. Interviews, Questionnaires, etc.?
      2. Goal: promote long-term membership, reduce drama and conflicts
    3. Dealing with violations of rules and policies (Brant, others)
      1. Should we implement a “three strikes” approach?
      2. 1st Verbal Warning, 2nd Written Letter, 3rd Board Intervention?
      3. Require member to sign an acknowledgment? 'Permanent record' sort of thing?
    4. MMS “Store” Idea as proposed by Lance (Brant)
      1. Lance and others have offered to stock certain consumables/materials and sell to members
      2. PeteP has already been doing this for baltic birch
      3. Baltic birch wood, acrylic, plastics, safety gear, paints, etc. all being considered
      4. Unclear if a Board vote or any approval is necessary
  3. New equipment/donations:
    1. Vote to allow Kevin to R bring in his Pan Brake - which many members have wanted. (Kevin)
    2. Additional storage space needed (Brant)
      1. Part-time shelving almost full, pallet racks filling up but not at critical mass yet
        1. Kevin freed up 6 shelves by cleaning, plus storage in Network closet has been added. (Kevin)
        2. Moving the hack rack goods will free up another 8 shelves, which will help a lot. (Kevin)
        3. JoeR and TomG have offered pallet racking, JoeR also has lockers, but shelves are needed more.
        4. Finalize vote to approve BigJoeR's locker donation (Kevin)
      2. Pallet racking seems to be the most popular with the Board, but is not needed yet
    3. Status of CNC Projects (planned or underway) (JoeR, EdH, Vishal, MattW, TomG, Charlie, etc.)
    4. Air compressor lines (Tom)
      1. Vote on scope/schedule/budget
    5. Striping the parking lot (Brant)
      1. TomG is already working with a contractor
      2. The handicap stall was included in the base bid (it was required for the occupancy permit)
      3. Discuss splitting the cost of striping between MMIG and MMS
      4. RonB drafted a layout and shared it with the group
    6. Rain barrels, Rain Gardens, etc.
      1. Would we support such a project?
  4. Events:
    1. Grand Opening - if someone doesn't step up to run this, maybe we shouldn't have one (Brant)
    2. Vote to spend $50 to $100 on refreshments for BVGN, BVAG will chip in $50.(Kevin)
    3. Revisit our clean up day event - should it be monthly on Sunday or after a meeting on Tuesday(Kevin)
      1. This is relevant to BVGN.(Kevin)
  5. Any topics from members who are present


Petty Cash:

Donations will be pooled and banked. if you buy bathroom supplies or sodas, you will be reimbursed. Other consumables may be approved for reimbursement, more to follow.

Bylaw Amendment: Movement that the board may change the bylaws with a unanimous vote. This will be put up for a member vote at the next meeting.

Dealing with Bad Behavior: If it gets brought to the boards attention, a documented warning will be issued. If three warnings are received, person appears before the board to defend him/herself. Assuming Bylaws are changed, Board then votes on membership status. Unanimity is needed.

Pan Brake is coming to MMS.

The Board took no exception to the creation of a 'MMS store' for materials and supplies, but did not specifically vote on it.

The Board thought a garden or other installation should be in place prior to considering any rain barrel projects.

Storage Space Shortage: Can get more lockers and pallet racking from Joe R. We are taking the lockers now, and probably the pallet racking later.

Joe R has space allocated for plasma cutter build.

Air Compressor Lines: drops in wood shop, metal shop, garage door, welding station, and laser room. Estimated Cost $500. Approved by Board.

Parking Lot Stripes: Discussion Tabled. Price quote needed.

Grand Opening: No one wants to step forward to organize this. Members! Help!

Vote to match Bay View Arts Guilds 50 bucks towards refreshments for BVGN.

Clean up day will also be a BBQ next time. AdamC, Brant, and MattW agreed to help.

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