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Board Meeting Agenda for April 6, 2013

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox

  • 10 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.
  • All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.
  1. Operations
    1. Plan for assistance/volunteers
    2. Lease forms/equipment checkout forms
  2. Treasurer
    1. Copy of liability insurance policy Received, currently reviewing
  3. Revisit vote on trash pickup now that we have pricing?
    1. Current service: 2 yard dumpster, pick up every 2 weeks = $32 (before taxes/fees)
    2. Option 1: Upgrade to 4 yard dumpster, pick up every 2 weeks = $49
    3. Option 2: Upgrade to pick up every week, keep same 2 yard dumpster = $64
  4. CNC Projects
    1. Perfume bottler machine - EdH/JoeR
      1. They plan to work on the 4×8 CNC router first, then maybe the CNC plasma cutter.
      2. They are considering interchangable heads, so perhaps one machine could do both.
      3. When can they bring it in? Where should it be located?
    2. Sprue picker - Vishal/MattW/TomGz
      1. What should they build with their machine?
      2. It's already here, where should it be located?
  5. Craft Lab Changes
    1. JaneB has left
    2. Vote to refund her dues for future
    3. Replacing cabinets, getting new tables, etc.
      1. Caitlin and Lance are working on this already.
  6. Pet Policy
    1. Email request came in asking if pets (a dog) would be allowed in the space. (This is not a service animal.)
  7. Official Grand Opening Event
    1. Pick a date
    2. Plan
  8. Monthly Board Meetings (Brant plans to ask for a vote on this also)
    1. At the request of some Board Members, let's find a date when we can transition to Monthly Board Meetings
    2. Brant suggests we meet April 4th, April 18th then May 16th and every third Thursday thereafter
    3. Halfway through the month is a good point for the Treasurer's Report

Meeting Notes

Vote on dogs in the makerspace: 6 no 1 yes (Adam).

(Note that Service Animals are allowed.)

Senior Citizen Discount: Unanimous no. Will talk about comprehensive membership changes in a few months.

Brent is working on Equipment Lease Forms.

CNC Projects.

Plasma Cutter: Joe R to make proposal to board for project space. Please put a time and size limit. Router: ??? Sprue Picker: ???

Grand Opening Party: We are thinking May 11th will be a good day for this.

Board Meeting Frequency. Moving to monthly meetings (3rd Thursday of the Month).

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