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Board Meeting Agenda for March 21, 2013

Meeting was cancelled by the Board however some voting took place via email.

Item 1:
Closed circuit camera system - vote yes for a camera system to be installed at Lenox or vote no, a system should not be installed
Approved - 6 yes, 1 no

Item 2:
Camera system budget - vote yes for MMS to pay for it with a $300 limit or vote no, funding needs to be from somewhere else or cheaper
Approved - 5 yes, 2 no

Item 3:
Trash pickup - vote yes to get either a bigger dumpster or more frequent service, which ever is cheaper or vote no to stay as-is
Not approved - 1 yes, 4 no, 2 indifferent

Item 4:
Operations Director/equipment lease forms - vote yes to put a deadline on the completion of equipment lease forms by next Board Meeting (April 4th) or hold Operation Director accountable, vote no to discuss other options
Not approved - 2 yes, 3 no, 2 abstain

Item 5:
Vote to cancel tonight's Board Meeting
Approved - 1 no, 5 yes, 1 no response (motion carried anyway with 5 votes as quorum)

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