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Board Meeting Agenda for March 7, 2013

Meeting Time: 7pm
Location: Lenox

  • 10 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.
  • All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.
  1. Review of action items from last meeting
  2. New business
    1. Facilities & Operations
      1. Updates from MMIG/landlord re: building news (added by Brant)
        1. Should we reinstall the light fixture lenses? (brant)
        2. To-do list: (added by Brant, see Kevin's BOD email)
        3. Update on “Parking Tags” for space materials and equipment
        4. Update the Guest Liability Release Form
      2. Managing Equipment Use
        1. Wiki updates
        2. Lease forms/equipment forms - status?
        3. Signage needed - status?
      3. Organization
        1. Signage needed for full time and part time member storage too. (Kevin)
        2. Cleanup needed in aisle 2 of the East room - should we have another organizing event soon? When? Before the Art Jam! (Kevin)
        3. Designate an temporary project storage area, and devise a labeling system - mark the floor or label it
          1. This can be used for project materials that are larger than a pallet or a shelf.
    2. Reinstall CCTV/DVR system (Brant)
    3. Soft Opening Party, March 9th, 2013 5pm-8pm
      1. Pot Luck! Need people to sign up.
    4. Kid-friendly events, kids in the space - new policies/rules needed?
      1. note from jason g: someone (lance?) suggested a no youngsters in the shop rule. I think that is a great compromise. Having younger kids in for classes in the craft/electronics area sounds awesome.
    5. Business TODOs (Jason G)
      1. Clarify liability questions with the way we lease equipment from members, etc.
      2. note from jason g: this should not be my action item. someone needs to run this by a lawyer and our insurance person and it isn't me.
    6. Art Jamboree news - if any (Jason H)
    7. Notes format (from jason g)
      1. for board meeting notes, any votes should have a record of exactly what was voted on and what the final vote was. Someone should then be assigned to update the relevant docs/by-laws/wiki/whatever so we don't lose track of the votes. I think we have been a bit lax on this and it will serve us well to clean it up going forward.
    8. Response to email (and a policy) about 'gift memberships' (Pete)
    9. May we please move board meetings to monthly events? (Jason G)

- Add your topics and put your name next to them please!

  1. Next Board Meeting date: March 21, 2013

End of agenda


Old Bizness:

Still not clear what our liability policy is. We are waiting for a copy from the insurance company.

We need more signage. Put signs in areas where they apply (such as the storage rules on the pallet racks)

New Business

We are not installing the light lenses.

Temporary project area allocated to the east room.

Guest liability form reform. Kevin will make hilariously giant binder to keep them in. Guests to keep a copy of our policies?

Metal shop equipment is somewhat enumerated. Numbers will reference a lease document that identifies the owner of all tools. This is so we can know who owns what.

Brant wants to put up a Closed Circuit TV system (as we had at Chase.) Proposed space pay for a system <$400. Topic tabled for next meeting. Somewhat controversial.

Discussion on policy regarding children: Currently, no one under 10yrs allowed in Makerspace. We are modifying the policy so that it only applies to dangerous areas such as the west room (metal and wood shop). Ed H wants to do Cub Scouts, also Chad L does Big Brother. Can do it but please stay in carpeted areas. May need to change by-laws, which is somewhat complicated. No policy determined at this time. Topic is tabled.

Art Jamboree

Still one more round of cleaning/ organizing needed before Art Jamboree.

East Room needs to be cleared out by the end of next week. They are building an elevated room sort of thing, with a clear polycarbonate floor(…?)

Giving a booth to American Science and Surplus if they want it.

Expect a stage 2 DJ's and a band, a giant spirograph, cash bar, other artists and performers, and hundreds of milwaukeeans.

Might take a week to fully remove all event materials.

We will reserve a vacant vault for personal storage of valuable member stuff for the event.

Feel free to wear your makerspace shirt. If you don't have a shirt, complain, maybe we'll get some more made! Maybe set up the screen printer during the event. Sell them? Other MMS swag for sale?

We will need volunteers to help out.

Gift Memberships: Existing members only. Need to meet people before we grant membership

Vetting Process: Discussing a possible one month probationary period before granting official membership. Not really an attractive option

Jason proposes moving to monthly meetings. Majority opinion is to keep it bi-monthly for now. Try again next meeting.

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