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Board Meeting Agenda for January 31, 2013

Meeting Time: 8pm Location: Lenox

Suggestion 1: 10 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point.

Suggestion 2: All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.

  1. Lease? (Brant)
  2. Should we partner with Bay View Arts Guild on the May 31st Bay View Gallery Night? (Kevin)
  3. Reminder Art Jamboree is 7pm, Friday March 29th, 2013. How can we expedite our setup? (Kevin)
  4. Soft Opening? (Adam)
  5. Updates from MMIG/landlord re: building news (added by Brant)
    1. Focus on energy lighthting upgrade
    2. Expenses for move in - network and electrical wiring
    3. Frank the mysterious shoveler
    4. Lease signing
  6. Snow removal (local neighbor has been helping us, Brant)
  7. Updates from Brant/Jason re: corporation and Space Fed news (Brant)
  8. Our stickers have been printed, and will arrive within a week. (Kevin)
  9. Updates from Brent re: Area Champions/Leaders and space allocation (Brant)
    1. Has purchased storage been allocated? (Adam)
    2. Do we need a permit to weld? (Adam)
    3. What's the plan for the bathrooms? (Adam)
    4. Can we use the Wiki to manage our to do items? (Kevin)
    5. What's up with Brent not sharing the floor plan for 1.5 months? (Kevin&Brant)
    6. Who has been identified as the “champion” for each area? (Kevin)
  10. Managing the do list: (added by Brant, see Kevin's BOD email)
  11. Due to the move, nothing has ownership labels - Form a plan to label everything. (Kevin)
  12. “Parking Tags” for space materials and equipment (Brent)
    1. Tracking power tools/leased equipment, forms (Brant)
    2. Updating our wiki equipment list (Brant)
    3. Paying people who bring tools/equipment to the space (Brant)
  13. Group Membership for an organization (Pete, jason)
    1. Clarification on active military / veteran discount (Pete)\
      1. We voted on this, where are the meeting minutes? (Kevin)
        1. Did anyone take minutes at the Tuesday meeting? (Kevin)
    2. Should we just start talking about re-working the membership fee system? (Adam)
  14. Kid-friendly events, kids in the space - new policies/rules needed? (Pete & Jason)
    1. “I don't want to change the way we operate though… This ain't Chuck-e-Cheese.”
  15. Should we be signing up new members the first time they come in? Use good judgment I guess.(Adam)
  16. Membership Signup procedures (Jason)
  17. Business TODOs (Jason)
    1. Board Insurance
    2. New Bank Account
  18. Can I have a small fund to purchase lounge furniture? (Adam)
  19. Do we have a policy on teaching classes at MMS? What is the fee paid to the space? (Adam)
  20. ORDCamp update & followup items with other spaces (Jason)
  21. Matt's proposed rental square build-out - discussion and decision (added by Brant, Brent)

- Add your topics and put your name next to them please!

  1. Next Board Meeting date? 2/7 or 2/21? (2/14 is Valentine's Day)

End of agenda


All board members present. Plus many members and guests.

I am witnessing the lease being signed. Check.

Bay View Gallery Night May 31 Vote: Unanimous. We will be a venue.

Soft Opening Party Adam was voted to plan the party. One dissenting vote: Adam.

Tom's Update Focus on Energy can hook us up with high efficiency light w motion sensors on the cheap Already installed in the woodshop. Will cut bill in half. 20 bucks per fixture. $2230 total. Unanimous vote to spend $$. Pays for itself in 5 months. Install electrician wants a membership deal. Network and electrical wiring expenses: $300. Unanimous vote to spend. We are going to pay the dude that shoveled snow for us $75 bucks.

Space Federation Jason hung out with the Space Federation. Got the lowdown on how to take donations. Donation value of equipment is depreciated. We just got our first donation: 3 drill presses!

Swag is coming. Stickers and Business Cards

Brent's Facilities Manager Report: Czars are doing their jobs and things are slowly coming together. Purchased floor space ($900) is not allocated. Jason will be keeping keys to the vaults so we can keep track of who has paid.

Welding: little welder can be used. We don't have circuits for any big welders yet, nor do we even have one that works. 50 dollar tax for welding permit. “Hot Work Permit”

Parking Tags: from TCmaker. If your stuff is not put away and is collecting dust or in the way you will get a color coded system of tags (not tickets). If it isn't dealt with it goes in the “graveyard”. More details to come.

Please use wiki to organize move in. There is already a page with a todo list

We need to figure out who owns the tools and fill out the $1 tool lease. Wiki Page?

Group Memberships: The board will consider this option. Make some specifics.

Veterans get the Student Discount. Bring your 214 form!

Kids in the Makerspace No children under 10 can be at the space. Other than that…case by case basis. Jason is doing a class for middle schoolers.

Membership Signup procedure Must pay, sign form before you get the key.

Jason: We are getting board insurance at $1000/yr.

Vote on wall height in storage squares: Will now be set at 4 ft tall maximum Voting for : Pete,Brant,Brent,Jason,Jason Voting against: Adam. Abstain: Kevin

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