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Board Meeting Agenda for January 3, 2013

Meeting Time: 7pm Location: Lenox

Suggestion 1: 10 minute time limit per highest-level bullet point. Suggestion 2: All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.

  1. Update from Tom and Dennis on checklist and timeline of items to complete before the move in to Lenox is complete
    1. When will we realistically get an occupancy permit, and why has this date slipped back on a weekly basis for two+ months.
      1. (Review of progress to date and submissions to city/state?)
    2. What are the limitations of this “temporary” permit, and when will the permanent permit (that allows welding) be obtained.
  2. As we have no expenses until our Lease begins, Membership for this period should likely be free for all members.
    1. Discuss
    2. (Didn't our lease start on Jan 1st?)
  3. Updates on Workshop Areas and their Leaders by Brent
  4. JasonH to order more Business cards (and stickers). When?
    1. 200 for each board member and 2000 to 4000 Makerspace cards with our new address
  5. Internet Connection update from JasonG and Tom.
  6. Organizational change update from JasonG (non-stock corp, Space Fed membership, etc.)
  7. Insurance status from JasonG and Tom
  8. Membership Software and data entry update (is this still needed?)
  9. Policy Discussions
    1. Is it possible to rent space without being a member?
    2. Can we offer Military/Veteran discounts?
      1. It was suggested that we also research possible grants/funding
      2. Consider working with VETransfer, other groups
    3. Should we make dues payments non-refundable once paid?
      1. I thought this was already our policy, otherwise, why is there a discount for 3 and 6 month memberships?
      2. A lot of membership fees are like this. We don't have refundable security deposits any longer and this may make sense going forward.
      3. It was suggested that we make the current and past months non-refundable, but future months refundable.
    4. What should we do about the 5% commercial activity fee?
      1. This has come up in a couple of discussions with potential new members in the last month.
      2. The intention behind the 5% commercial activity policy was to have the space get a bit of income from any commercial work happening at the space.
      3. When does the 5% begin? Selling a one-off piece vs. mass production, etc.?
      4. Lovesick Robot Studios plans to rent 2 vaults and use their own equipment. How to account for the 5%?
      5. Will members using the MMS' space and equipment for commercial activity feel they have some priority?
      6. Should we do away with the 5% rule for the time being and only make a policy if and when we come across a conflict?
    5. Equipment leasing to MMS and guidelines for cooperatively-owned equipment
      1. Once we're more settled (need to better nail this down, set a goal) we should:
        1. Clearly tag all equipment with owner name, contact info, QR code, permission/trained members lists, etc.
        2. Update all lease forms and pay members for their tools
        3. Update all power tool permissions/trained members check off lists
        4. Update the equipment list on our website/wiki
      2. Draft a document for when members pool together resources to buy equipment
        1. The details of this type of purchase should probably be documented somewhere in the records of the space for this express purpose
        2. Keep a list who contributed what and when for any equipment or materials
    6. Do we really need a Code of Conduct
      1. Really?
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