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Board Meeting Agenda for November 15, 2012

Meeting Time: 7pm Location: Lenox 6 Board members were present at Lenox location. Brant was absent.


1. Space Federation Membership
2. Trash Pickup
3. Move-in Checklist
4. Members Software
5. Member Storage
6. Organizational Structure Changes
7. Floor Sealing
8. Art Jamboree
9. Security Deposits
10. Updates for Members


Space Federation Membership

James from The School Factory was present and discussed the benefits of membership in the Space Federation. Joining the Space Federation will allow us to operate as a non-profit organization under The School Factory’s fiscal sponsorship, and in return the The School Factory will receive 10% of cash donations we receive, and handle our federal taxes. There are currently 42 spaces as members of the Federation (including PS:1 and S67) and the groups all share knowledge and collaborate. We may also be included in grant funding that other spaces are awarded, depending on our skills & availability. Non-profit status will allow us to more easily accept donations of hardware, software, tools, equipment, etc. In addition, many employers match donations made by employees to NPOs, so this may be quite useful for us. We also may be able to receive discounted services from organizations such as Google, Yahoo!, etc. The School Factory will offer guidance in this. The Board is strongly in favor of joining the Space Federation, but will open the discussion to the members in case anyone has questions or concerns.

Trash Pickup

It was decided that Brant should move forward with the trash removal option he identified from Veolia, but we will not use their recycling services, as we can do that on our own (and save money in the process.)

Move-in Checklist

Tom G. was present and provided an update on the building progress. The roof repairs should start very soon, and when complete, preparing the floor in the shop area will be the next large task. Help will be needed finishing the surface of the floor to prepare it for sealing. There will also be another bathroom added, and a sink for cleanup in the shop area was discussed. It was also suggested that the vault room near the back door could be used for chemical/wet work, as it has a floor drain. Things are moving along, and Tom will keep us updated so we can start to plan a move date.

Members Software

jason g. says the member software is 99% done and fully functional for adding new members. All Board Members should be able to add a new member using the software. Instructions are on the wiki. We will work on data input next week Tuesday night after the general meeting. Once all data is in the system, it should be considered fully operational.

Member Storage

Member storage was discussed. Squares will most likely be rented at $50 per square. This will allow larger projects like boats/cars to be worked on by members. We also discussed vaults and their pricing, and pallet, locker, shelf, cart options. We need to determine and vote on any storage options before presenting to the members. Pallets will be for full-time members only, and must be within 40” wide x 48” deep x 36” tall (including the pallet.) Nothing can stick out past that size envelope. Carts will be 30” deep x 48“ wide x 36” (including wheels.) Carts will be limited to shop areas only, and not allowed in the carpeted/office areas. Lockers and shelves are still being discussed. These will (most likely) be free storage for any member (full-time or part-time) as will carts.

Organization Structure Changes

Currently “Milwaukee Makerspace LLC” is a company owned by two members. We are looking at the options to become a non-profit/non-stock corporation.

Floor Sealing

It was decided that the concrete floor needs to be sealed to protect it from damage and stains. A dollar amount for staining the floor needs to be determined so we can move forward with the sealing. Rich and Tom will determine this, and jason will write a check.

Art Jamboree

Jason H. brought up the possibility of holding an Art Milwaukee “Art Jamboree” event at the Lenox location in March or April. It’s all in the early planning stages, so nothing is set yet, but he wanted to get the Board’s opinion on it. The Board seemed to be in favor of such an event.

Security Deposits

New members will no longer need to pay the $100 security deposit. Existing members who have paid the security deposit will have three options: receive it back in the form of a check, apply it to future membership dues, donate it to the space to help defray the costs of moving to a new space.

Updates for Members

Tom G. suggested that the Board let members know the business that was discussed at the Board Meetings. This will happen.

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