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General Rules / Information

  • Do not leave food out in the makerspace. The raccoons will eat it.
  • Put some money in the donation jar if you take a beverage out of the fridge.
  • Lock up the makerspace if you are the last person to leave. Turn off all of the lights except the lights by the large logo. Check both bathrooms for people CAREFULLY then lock the back door. Close the garage door. Lock the two front doors.
  • Members can bring two guests to the makerspace. All guests must sign the guest liability waiver. Members must supervise their guests at all times. Guests must be at least 10 years of age and in any case cannot use the heavier power equipment.
  • Park in the fenced in parking area Monday to Friday during business hours. You can park outside the makerspace entrance during non-business hours.
  • For fire safety, never park closer than 20ft from the building.
  • Do not park any vehicles over night in the parking lot.
  • There are many books in the library on various topics (software, hardware, machining, etc). Members who donate books to the library should put their names on the outside of the pages or in the cover so we know who the books belong to.
  • TODO: explain the equipment lease form and process.
  • The hack rack located in the lab has spare parts that you can use for your projects. Feel free to add stuff to the hack rack that people could use for their projects but be sure to remove a volume of stuff equal to what you add.
  • TODO explain which room is hanger, bay, shop, library, and lab.
  • The roof leaks in the bay and hanger areas. Be careful where you store your stuff.
  • Put the tools you are using away before you leave, even if you will be coming back the next day to work.
  • Consumables will wear out and break: drill bits, saw blades, welding wire and gases, etc. Don't be ashamed, it happens to everyone. Most tools have spares around the shop, if you know how to replace it go ahead. If, find a member or post the message board to get help. If there aren't any spares around, post to the message board to find where we get them. Throw a dollar or two in the “shop supplies” donation jar each time you work on a project to pay for the consumables.
  • EXCEPTION: The Tap and Die set has a lifetime warranty, if you brake one put it back in the case and let Rich N. know, replacements then magically appear.
  • Don't remove materials or tools from other members squares or pallets without that person's permission.
  • If you must leave project outside your personal storage area, be sure to label it with your name and the date of your return.
  • Donations go to the hack-rack, but remember that rule is if you donate something to the hack-rack you must take something away of equal volume. If its something larger or you don't want to take anything from the hack-rack you should post to the public message board first before donating. Only donate if you can find a person interested in the donation.
  • Leave your politics and religion at home. We are a maker space and don't want to start political or religious “discussions” Just make stuff!
  • Don't modify any large tools without the owners consent and a posting on the message board to see if its a good idea.
  • Don't move any large tools without first posting to the message board to see if people think its a good idea and the owners consent.
  • Clean up your mess! Sweep, vacuum, mop up before you leave each day, not when the project is done.
  • Don't use a tool you haven't been checked out on, make sure you understand its safe operation, don't be afraid to ask for help running a tool or holding material while you cut it.
  • How to open the hall door if you get locked in the bathroom area. - Use the screw driver hanging on the adjacent door knob.

Shop Rules and Safety

You must see Tom Graelwicz, Kevin Bastyr, or Rich Neubauer before using the equipment in the machine shop. One of these members must train you on the equipment before you can use it. Have your trainer (Tom, Kevin, or Rich) update the wall chart in the library after you have been trained on a piece of equipment. Before using any of the wood working equipment get checked out with Matt Neesley.

Please do your part to keep the space neat. Before you leave the space clean up and put away whatever equipment and workspace you may have been using. A mess, left behind, depresses the other members and damages the sense of community that is the true value of the space.

Feel free to consume the resources of the space (scrap, electronics components, etc.) but be reasonable about the quantity. Its a shared resource. Don't go into mass production using the community materials. If you are burning up milling bits with all the heavy machining you need to do, go buy a set just for yourself. Put a donation in the machine shop donations jar when using consumables.

If you damage something that you cannot repair, please post to one of the mailing list about it. Don't leave it for someone to find. In some cases the the damage can be repaired and you can learn a whole lot in the process. Even if it can't be repaired the other members will think far more of you for admitting a mistake than if you remain silent. Remember that the machines in the space were leased to us by individual members.

Due to city permitting issues, extended maintenance cannot be performed on gas vehicles. (Electric is fine).

There are fire extinguishers around the space (TODO: map needed). Please memorize their locations.

Wear proper eye and ear protection when working in the shop area.

If you see something unsafe, say something, do something. Speak to the member, unplug the machine, add a label warning about an unsafe thing. Its hard to draw a box around every case, but the key is to be pro-active.

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