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Makerspace Building Expansion

Hello Members!

The time has come to vote on expanding the space! Due to the very large scope of this vote, your participation and feedback is vital! First, some general notes about this vote:

- Who is Makers Village

Makers Village is a for-profit group of investors (all Makerspace members) that purchased and renovated the new building with the goal of allowing the

Makerspace to expand. Milwaukee Makerspace would be renting space from them in the building. We will keep our existing building on Lenox.

- These proposals are not written in stone

Every plan will remain flexible to some degree - the most important aspect of these plans is the general layout of each area relative to the other areas, and where they are located within the building. If areas need slight tweaking as we move into the building, Makers Village is willing to work with us.

- Financial considerations

This vote is for a one year lease for 8,500 square feet. At $4.50/sqft/year, this commitment does pose a significant outlay of capital but does not pose a financial risk to the makerspace. There is available room for expansion and, should member demand for more room prove high, we believe we still have capital for some added expansion based on our current projections. Our current general funding (less funds committed) is $138,000. A 1-year Norwich lease is $38,250. If membership numbers stay the same (276 members), the Makerspace would operate on an $18,000 surplus. If the membership drops to zero, we would still not risk financial trouble for several years.

- Where's the member storage?

Member storage will be available; it's is not included in the plans, but as Makers Village will work with the Makerspace to put forklift-accessible pallet racking in the most convenient locations.

- Tables are *awesome* where's the general workspace?

General workspace will be made available outside of the current areas. Makers Village will have tables that are rentable for short term projects and floor space rentable for large or longer term projects.

- What about the rest of the building?

All area not leased to the Makerspace will be available to rent from Makers Village.

Below are the three proposed layouts. Here is a link to the pro's and con's of each plan:

Should the Makerspace commit to 8,500 +/-10% sqft (depending on aisle/storage boundaries) of space from Maker's Village for a term of one year?



Please pick your preferred first and second layout choice:

*First Choice A, Second Choice B

*First Choice A, Second Choice C

*First Choice B, Second Choice A

*First Choice B, Second Choice C

*First Choice C, Second Choice A

*First Choice C, Second Choice B

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