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Since so many of you are interested in learning how to use the wood lathe, I've been wanting to drop some of the links to videos that I have found to be very useful and effective in my own pursuit of knowledge, for our collective present and future interest. I highly recommend, especially if you are a first-time turner, that you take some time to watch a few videos before going through a training with me, so that you understand some essential core concepts of turning, have some idea of what the processes look like, and hear another person besides myself explain things in their own words. Wood turning is a fairly individual and customizable practice and there are many different approaches. I teach everything I know, but I make no claim to know everything there is, or that “my way” is the best way, or how I expect the people I teach, to work. (Forgive me for being so wordy and for having many disclaimers. I try to be as clear as I can. I teach college students!!)

Here are, in my opinion, the most useful videos to watch first, for the purposes of overview and information density and clarity:

Understanding a Starter Set of Lathe Chisels | Woodworkers Guild of America Duration: 12 minutes

How to Sharpen Traditional Woodturning Tools on a Bench Grinder Duration: 9 minutes

Mastering the Detail/Spindle Gouge Duration: 24 minutes Alan Lacer is an excellent woodturning teacher, i have watched many of his videos, especially his videos on the skew chisel.

Bowl Gouge Vs Spindle Gouge Woodturning Tools Compared Video Duration: 16 minutes This channel, “Turn A Wood Bowl”, is another amazing resource of knowledge that teaches you everything you need to know about turning bowls, from your first to your hundredth.

How To Use A Skew Chisel - Tips & Techniques - WOOD magazine Duration: 12 minutes This is the single most useful video I have watched which demonstrates the uses of a skew chisel. This is how I teach the skew chisel now. If you watch this video, and attend a demonstration from me, you will hear a lot of the same language!

Woodturning - Beginners Guide Revisited #6 - The Scraper Traditional and Negative Rake Duration: 21 minutes As suggested by “Beginners Guide Revisited #6”, this channel has many more videos that are perfect for beginners wishing to expand their knowledge base of how to use essential traditional lathe chisels.

Here are some other useful videos I've found, but they are of secondary importance to, or deeper dives, information-wise, than the ones above:

Four Cuts - A Wood Turning Basics Lesson Duration : 1 hour 12 minutes

Spindle Tools for Woodturning: cutting and sharpening by Sam Angelo Duration: 55 minutes

Practicing with the Skew Chisel Sam Angelo - the Wyomingwoodturner Duration: 23 minutes

Skew Grinds Duration: 31 minutes

SCARY SCRAPERS by Reed Gray aka robo hippy Duration: 35 minutes

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