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-====== Vacuum Former ======+====== Vacuum Forming Area ======
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
 {{:equipment:vac2former.jpg?1000|}} {{:equipment:vac2former.jpg?1000|}}
-===== Trainers =====+===== Area Champion =====
 [[members:TimothyCampbell|Tim Campbell]] [[members:TimothyCampbell|Tim Campbell]]
-===== Rules and Etiquette ===== +===== Training, Rulesand Etiquette ===== 
-The heating elements on the vacuum former reach >150 Degrees Centigrade (about 300 Fahrenheit)Although it is safe to briefly touch the plastic while it is at temperatureI do not recommend that you touch it for more than second at a time.+ 
 +In order to use the vacuum former, members must be signed off by an area champion after completing trainingTraining classes take place at least once per month (usually twicedepending on member interest), immediately following the 7pm public meeting. If you would like to schedule training session, please email the primary Area Champion with the subject line "Vacuum Former Training." The trainer will make an effort to work with your schedule. 
 +Training Classes: 
 +  *Costs $5.00 
 +  * Typically take <30 minutes
 Don't break anything, please. Don't break anything, please.
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 ===== Machines ===== ===== Machines =====
   * [[Equipment/VacuumFormer2|Large, Green Vacuum Former]]   * [[Equipment/VacuumFormer2|Large, Green Vacuum Former]]
-===== FAQs / Howtos / Materials settings =====+===== Setup and Operation ===== 
 +The heating elements on the vacuum former reach >150° Centigrade (about 300° Fahrenheit). Although it is safe to briefly touch the plastic while it is at temperature, I do not recommend that you touch it for more than a second at a time. 
 +===== FAQs =====
 +**"What kind of materials can you use?"**
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