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Is what runs the makerspace! Everyone is a member of equal standing, what makes good members from excellent members is giving back to the community.

Space Improvement Day Tasks!

* Purgatory Shelf Cleanout Process
* Wash the floor
* Inventory all the pottery tools in plastic bins
* Mop!
* Check or Empty the Sink Silt Trap
* Screen Glazes
* Check Material inventory and pull cards if needed

Things in the ceramics studio that always need to be done

* Cleaning
* moving slop into reclaiming dish
* pugging clay in the reclaiming dish
* putting things away
* mopping
* Taking out the garbage
* Making Test Tiles when they are low (extruder)

Specialty Tasks that Require Training

let me train you to help the makerspace * Re-Making Glazes
* Screening and hydrating glazes
* Mixing Engobes

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