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Fall 2022 Board Elections

  • See the By Laws for more information on the roles and responsibilities of each of the positions.

Congratulations to our incoming leadership (below) and gratitude to our outgoing President, Secretary and BOD At-Large.

First Election Cycle


  • Jeff Mann - Nominated, Seconded (2022-09-27 meeting)
  • Tim Campbell - Nominated, Seconded, Accepted (2022-10-1 email list)


  • Jon Drayna - Nominated, Seconded (2022-09-27 meeting), Accepted 9:56PM 9-28-22 (On list)

First Election Cycle Results

The elections for Round 1 were uncontested.


Tim Campbell is our new President.

(election was uncontested)


Our new Secretary is Jon Drayna.

Second Election Cycle

At-Large Member (12 Month Position)

Opened nominations for the Board Member At Large.

  • Jeff Mann, Nominated, Seconded (at Oct 4 meeting)
  • Anderson, Nominated, Seconded, Declined (at Oct 4 meeting)
  • Faith, Nominated, Seconded, Accepted (at Oct 4 meeting) Recinded via text to election committee and BOD email.
  • Callie, Nominated, Seconded, Accepted (at Oct 4 meeting)

Second Election Cycle Results

Results for Board Member At Large were uncontested.

At-Large Member (12 Month Position)

Our New Board Member At-Large is Callie Reed.

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