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2021 Events Scheduled


  • Ceramics and Cervezas
    • When: Every Wednesday from ~5 to when Jeff goes home (~8)
    • Participants: all members!
    • Info: come with questions about beer and clay! Get trained, have fun, make stuff
    • Location: Norwich Location - Ceramics Studio
  • Fusion 360 Class
    • When: Every Monday at 7pm
    • Participants: all members!
    • Info: Learn the building blocks of 3D modelling with a free, awesome modeling software called fusion 360. Classes are free!
    • This week's lesson: back to power wheels cars
    • Location: Norwich Location - Meeting room. Also live-streamed/recorded and put on youtube! Reach out to Carl S. for more info


Past Events

  • Space Improvement Day
    • When: Sunday July 25th, 1-4pm
    • Where: Start at Lenox if you're unsure of how to help
    • Food: TBD
    • No making from 12-5pm
  • Mandalorian Mercs Armor Party
    • When: Saturday, July 17th, 10am~8pm
    • Where: Norwich!
    • Who: Members of the mando mercs and the makerspace
  • Space Improvement Day
    • When: April 24th, 2021
  • Makerspace Board of Director's Meeting
    • When: August 19th, 7pm
    • Participants: Board of Directors, YOU!
    • Location: Lenox Space (2555 S Lenox Street, Milwaukee), Meeting Room or Craft Lab (TBD)
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