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The Wood Working Show

Milwaukee Makerspace has been offered a 10'x10' booth space at The Wood Working Show being held March 11-13, 2016 (Friday 12-6; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-3) at the Wisconsin Expo Center in Hall C.

Booth Volunteers

If you volunteer to spend time at our booth you can get into the show for free. (We can have up to 20 members involved.)

People who expressed interest: Pete, Kathy, Vishal, Issac, Karen, Keith, Caitlin, Jacob, Joe R.

Fill in the time you can volunteer in the table below. You can sign up for the same time as other people, but we also need to fill all time slots.

(To edit the table, make sure you are logged into the wiki and click the 'Edit' button right below the table. If the table confuses you, just email your days & times to Pete.)

Time Friday, March 11th Saturday, March 12th Sunday, March 13th
10:00am NOT OPEN Issac, Joe? Vishal, Karen
11:00am NOT OPEN Issac, Joe? Vishal, Karen
12:00pm Pete, Kathy Issac, Joe? Vishal, Karen
1:00pm Pete, Kathy Keith, Joe? Vishal, Karen
2:00pm Pete, Kathy Keith, Joe? Vishal, Karen, Pete
3:00pm Pete, Kathy Keith, Joe? NOT OPEN
4:00pm Pete, Kathy Caitlin, Jacob NOT OPEN
5:00pm Pete, Kathy Caitlin, Jacob NOT OPEN

Project Sharers

Bringing your project as well as yourself?

  • Keith is bringing one of two inlaid Cherry bookcases
  • Pete will bring various laser-cut projects, and probably some projects that are totally not made of wood but highlight what you can do at MMS.
  • Vishal will bring writing table, clock, and wooden krenov planes.
  • Issac will bring a lap desk and some other wooden items.
  • Caitlin will bring enthusiasm.
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