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Nerdy Derby

Note: We had our first race at BarCampMilwaukee. Here's a recap:

Also, see this:

Upcoming Races

Track 2.0

Spearheaded by Adrian, the new 2016 track will be more kid-friendly and prevent wanton destruction of all vehicles that attempt to traverse it.

Track 1.0

The 2013 track was built at the DCRL.

The following people have pledge money to make it happen:

  • Buggs - $200 - PAID
  • Pete - $30 - PAID
  • Ed H. - $20 - PAID
  • Vishal - $40 - PAID


Car Specs

The “standard” car parts. The only really important number is probably 1.75“ for the base of the vehicle, so the wheels will actually fit on the track. Besides that, an “anything goes” approach should be taken. Crank that Creativity Dial up to 11!

We do have two semi-rules: don't damage the track, and don't make anything so dangerous it could easily injure someone.


3D Printed Wheels

  • 32mm x 9mm (roughly, you can go larger, but don't go smaller)
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